Fancy Skincare you actually need and Want!

Babes! I've been using Luminance Skin for a couple months now and I'm LOVING IT! I've been fortunate and lucky enough that we've been collaborating and they keep sending me amazing products to share with you! I will say I've been blessed with fairly nice skin. I rarely break out, I'm barely greasy and I... Continue Reading →


November Dia & CO Unboxing Haul!

Hey everyone! Hope you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the rest of the holiday season! I sure am! I put my tree up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving and I'm getting ready to send out my holiday cards. Such a fun time of year (mostly)! Anyways, per the usual... Continue Reading →

Wide Calf boots?! YASS they exist! 

Happy almost thanksgiving first of all! Hahaha! I’m sure you’ve all seen that meme online if the lady in a kayak or a canoe navigating her way through potatoes in a river of gravy? Yeah, you’ve seen it. Well that’s MEE! 😂🤣 Anyways, I’ll be gravying in cute boots! Well maybe, I don’t know what... Continue Reading →

New Dia & Co Unboxing!

Hey loves! Been a bit I knowwww but life's been a little cray. I did get a Dia & Co box in October and I've already been sharing what I kept!!! Go watch it to see what else I could have kept!  Also lets make note of this priceless facial expression as the thumbnail. HAHA... Continue Reading →

You asked and I answered!

Here it is! You guys sent some questions on Instagram and I answered! I KNOW, I didn't do them ALL. That just means I saved some for a rainy day! So go ahead, enjoy! XOXO Leah   What do I do to stay positive when I have a bad day? Bad days are totally normal... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Dia & CO! !

As many of you know a couple of weeks ago Dia & Co invited me to NYC to meet my Dia gal pal Jess, AKA @renegadepastor! Jess I have been friends for quite awhile, following, supporting each other. At one point we had even realized Dia sent us the same Fashion To Figure bodycon dress! This was only my... Continue Reading →

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