Just call me Mrs. Romperson

A romper! Who would have thought that I would get into a romper!? Not me, then I saw all these babes on the gram, rocking the heck out of rompers! Or romping the heck out of rompers? Hahah so DOVE IN! I got this super cute romper from Forver 21+ for less that $5! Yup, the very last one they had and I squeezed my big butt into it! I know sizing at Forever 21 is a little weird sometimes, when I tried it on I knew it was too short. I also knew it was less than $5 and that I’d find a cute way to style it! 
I got home, paired with these super cute Lane Bryant tights, grabbed some shoes I was cuter than I had expected! I had to also throw on a pair of earrings I picked up from Charming Charlie!  That was it, I became a romper girl! I have purchased two other rompers, but you’ll have to wait to see those! 😆 


5 thoughts on “Just call me Mrs. Romperson

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  1. This romper is so adorable and it fits you really well! I love the details and how you paired it with stockings, I am totally gonna steal that idea. Its awesome that we’re both featuring onsies this week! I updated my post to include links to your site and to this post! xo

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