Animal print has become a favorite, it’s always a good time to wear animal prints. Below I share a few of my favorites from DIA, I also left you a little discount code below, don’t miss on out a little savings!  It’s not just for one season and it’s more than one type of animal print! I know Tiger King has us stuck on the leopard and cheetah prints but I promise there are more. I also promise that these prints were IN wayyyy before the king dropped! Which is why I HAD to feature three animal prints brought to you by DIA! We’ve got a sweater, a vest and a motto jacket. Firstly, I’ll let you know that the sweater & vest I’ll share are from this year, however, the motto is from last year. It’s so cute, I’ll break it out each fall. They do have a very similar printed jacket available this season, so don’t fret!

First we have this vest and dang I love long vests like this. The faux fur around my neck is so warming and cozy that it makes me wonder what real fur would feel like. Although, I will never know what real fur feels like, I mentally cannot allow that. They’re sort of like an accessory to me! It’s perfect for a leggings outfit, jeans or to wear over a sweater dress. How would you wear it??

Next we have this warm zebra print sweater! When I say warm, I mean WARM! This sweater will keep you nice and toasty. It does shed a little bit but I’m okay with that, I’m used to Luna shedding up a storm! This also pairs perfectly with leggings or jeans. Go wild, jump into a pair of bold leggings!

Finally, the motto jacket! This is SO cute and stylish. I adore wearing this jacket with jeans, in fact, I’ve ONLY worn it with jeans. I’m also picturing wearing it over a solid dress with booties – it would make for an edgy Carole Baskin look. HAHAH! I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to wear / look at animal print without making some sort of Tiger King reference. Don’t judge me, I was on lock down and Tiger King was there!

I’m sure you’re loving these animal prints just as much as I! Head to DIA to bring bit of fun to your wardrobe. Use voluptuousleah15 to save on your order! The holiday season is here, treat yourself babes or even pick out your holiday outfits early! While we may be spending the holidays at home with our immediate families, that doesn’t mean we have to show up to the table looking like trolls (LOL). I’m laughing because I say “troll clothes” to describe any of my lounging outfits. We all have troll clothes, we’re just not wearing them to the Thanksgiving dinner table. HAHAH! Let DIA help you find the cutest outfit! Don’t forget, tag me in your outfit photos, I want to see your beautiful faces and I’d love to share them in my stories!

Until next time babes! XOXO LEAH

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