We know you loved following along on our trip to Baltimore and had to put it on the blog! Okay, I’ll be honest. When we told people we were visiting Baltimore, multiple people questioned me and asked why. The answer was quite simple: neither of us had been before! Just because a city isn’t considered a destination, doesn’t mean there aren’t things for you to explore. We genuinely enjoyed being together, away from home and just hanging around a new city. I know you’re curious, what did we eat? Where did we go? And what was our favorite part?? I’m going to break it down with daily adventures!  

Day 1: We drove for hours, hours, and more hours! Okay, it was 6 hours to accurate. We got to our hotel, we stayed at the Hilton near the airport. It was quite nice and honestly quiet, even though there were multiple weddings held while we were there. We chilled in our room for a bit, then we ventured down into the Inner Harbor where we explored the mall of the Inner Harbor and enjoyed a beautiful sunset dinner cruise!

Day 2: We started our day by enjoying a little hotel breakfast. We hit up the aquarium right in the Inner Harbor. Now, if you love aquariums like we do, you’ll probably be expecting a bit more. While there are sharks, that’s the biggest aquatic animal you’ll see there. It’s spread out a bit, which I thought was nice. It felt like an adventure! We got done right around lunchtime, I THINK this is the day we had Chick-fil-A. I always make it point to have a delicious chicken sandwich when we’re out of down – we don’t have it here (yet)!

We chilled for a bit after lunch, drove around before we had an early dinner. This was our FANCY dinner night – suit + dress! We visited the Bygone for dinner. This is a very fancy place..like where apps are individual apps. I’ve never had such a fancy dinner, I always thought apps were for SHARING! HAHAHHA Anyways, dinner is barely important, it was the view that was most important! We were on the 29th floor overlooking the Inner Harbor but also a hotel. We were window watching the entire time, it was more than entertaining. We kept going back and forth about one hotel guest, we weren’t sure if he was on full display in the window or not. HAHHAHA! Now, we kind of rushed out of dinner…because for a day and half, we’d been watching locals scooter around to do normal life things….but it was about to be our next activity. We quickly ditched dinner and started downloading all the scooter apps! City scooters were new to us, I mean I wasn’t even sure I would be able to do it. I thought I would be too heavy and have zero balance and coordination. I was mostly wrong, I wasn’t too heavy, I could scooter around BUT I had to practice making turns! We scootered for about an hour, all around the inner harbor. It was literally one of my favorite activities during our trip.  

Day 3: We were both pretty excited for day 3, after all, it was TOPGOLF DAY! When we first started dating we had learned how much we both love TopGolf. What’s not to love, food and entertainment! Okay, well we also had a gift card so that made it a bit more exciting. We had the best waitress, I’ll never forget her, her name was also Leah. HAHAHA! She filled me up with drink after drink (okay, I was drinking drinks that were made for 2 LOL). Of course, we ate while at TopGolf, but dinner….dinner was delicious! We hit a famous local spot that’s been featured by the Food Network, Chaps Pit Beef. It’s Baltimore-style BBQ and damn, it was DELICIOUS. No, we didn’t take photos for you, we were too hungry!

Day 4: Was a bit of a relaxing day for us, we went down into the Inner Harbor for breakfast at Twist in Fells point, American food with a MEDITERRANEAN + Moroccan twist. We hung around the Inner Harbor for a bit, went back, and chilled by the pool. It truly was a relaxing day for us!

View from the Bygone

Day 5: Wake + bake, eat breakfast, and hit the road! We had to rush home to do laundry, buy groceries and prepare for the workweek.

Did I mention anything that caught your interest, and you gotta know more?! DM me, I’d love to chat! 

xoxo until next time friends!

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