6 Fatshionistas of Instagram

I’ve decided I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite accounts to follow and I’m starting with the 6 amazing babes below! There are so many awesome accounts to follow and sometimes it can be hard to find them. Which is why I’m bringing them to YOU! There are always articles online of bopo babes to follow but generally they are large accounts. My goal is to share accounts that I love no matter the size of the following! Once  a week (don’t hold me to this but I’m surely going to try!), I will share some of my favorite babes with you! Enjoy the babes below, follow them and as always make sure to use #makeyourownsparkle on social media!

1) @jamie_jetaime – Jamie is a must share for me, it’s a must for her to be in my first post of sharing babes, and it’s  important for her to be the first person I share. Jamie and I have been friends online since about a month after (or even maybe sooner) I started my own account. Jamie helped me learn the ways, what to do, what not to do, while we cultivated a friendship. Sadly, we haven’t met yet but damn when we do it’ll be like we’ve been besties for life. She brings a great curvy, quirky, and friendly vibe to both the fashion and Body Positive Communities.

2) @wednesday_fattams– This girl grounds me, she’s my fat girl grounder only I’m not in trouble. HAHA! Wednesday, keeps things real, plus size and stylish! She brings a bit of fatshion, makeup, and nails! She’s a great friend and an perfect inspiration to the fat positive community. We have discussions from anything body positive, to what we bought when we splurged, to what we’re having for dinner.


3) @iheartyellowsubs – Wendy, is an amazing soul, person, and friend. She talks body positivity and general life occurrences. She’s authentic, original and an account you should follow! She brings her own cute fashionista style filled with prints and cuteness! Wendy and I have been friends online for a bit now and we literally talk about everything!


4) @chubbystruggles– This girll, her style always makes me say oh dang I could’ve styled like that too! She’s adorable, fashionable, and certainly followable! I love her fashion, her cute faces and her!

5) @southernlindz – This girl is fun, beautiful and a riot! I can actually say that, we hung out in NYC and had a blast. Certainly hoping we’ll be able to meet again. She bring cute and sexy to the fashion community. It’s more than that, she’s also a single mother living and killing it in life. She’s such an important role model for any of you single mothers or really just mothers. Embrace your fashion sense, be sexy, and be a mother. Motherhood only strips you of your sexy if you let it.


6) @sarahjanereign– SarahJane and I had the pleasure of meeting in LA at the Xehar curvy event. She is a freaking sweetheart and we became friends immediately.  We’ve talked almost every single day since we met! SarahJane’s account is overflowing with amazing fashionista photos filled with some spectacular fat girl shine!

Now go follow these babes!!! Thinking of an account that I didn’t share? Shoot me a DM and tell me! XOXO Leah

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