My best friend @nikki_stylee and I randomly decided we were taking a mini weekend trip to Maine! We started left early Saturday Morning on May 29th, and hit the Mall of New Hampshire.  I love shopping out of state, I can actually FIND THINGS TO WEAR! It was the best ever! I’ve been to that mall before, but what made it the best ever was that we discovered there was a Charming Charlie store there!!! So exciting and funny since I had already been to that mall before and didn’t notice it!! We stopped into Lane Bryant, I got two tops, and a delicious perfume roller! Then we went to Torrid, where I got a super cute romper, a cute dress, something else that fell out of my mind, but I know there was a third clearance item. HAHAHAH oh gosh, clearly I shop too much. However, I did also get some super duper cute short shorts while I was in there! Back to that third item, I’m like 80% sure it was a dress or something. We hit up Forever 21, I grabbed a super cute romper for less than $5!!! At Charming Charlie I bought what felt like everything at the time, but when I got home it didn’t feel like enough. HAHAH I need it ALLLL, I wish I just had a Charming Charlie store as my closet. After we hit Auntie Annie’s we decided we should leave before we couldn’t afford our hotel room anymore. LOL Typical Leah and Nikki situation. As we walked by Ulta on the way out I basically cried, then ran back and walked in and out just so I could say I had finally been in one. See what I mean by no freaking shopping in Vermont??? Ridiculous!

Anyways, we hit the road and before we knew it we were in Portland, Maine! Yay, we just had to find out hotel and figure out what we were having for DIN DIN! Love din din! We decided on Mexican, we went to Guerrero Maya. It was amazingly delicious, outstandingly authentic. Literally we ordered everything, so much everything that we packed up our entrees and took them back to the hotel room. We also shamelessly bought basically everything at Target since we don’t have one at home! 😂


Sunday we spend the day driving around, discovering cute nearly vacant beaches, checking out lighthouses, and freezing to death. Neither of us had dressed appropriately for the chilly ocean breeze, we were hilariously quick with outfit photos, that’s for sure. No doubt, I still made Nikki freeze to death so I could quickly take some Fuji Instamax photos of her. HAHAHA She loves me. We also got ice cream….while freezing…it was well worth it! We did also hit up LL Bean, I love the bean it’s an ongoing tradition to stop every time I’m in Maine!

That evening we went to dinner a cute little place called the Grill Room (Pretty sure ), dinner wasn’t the most exciting part of the evening so I’m going to quickly move on. Moving RIGHT ON! Before we went to Maine I had announced on the GRAM (instrgram DUH), that I was coming up. That’s when Britney, @oodlesofnoodle had messaged me to let me know she was up there!! She met us right when we got done dinner and brought us to the cutest little place called the Chocolate Bar in Portland. SO CUTE, the most delicious cheesecake of my life, I also had a hot chocolate with baileys in it. Which was huge for me, I don’t like hot beverages. Anyways, we chatted it up for quite a bit, we took so some SUPER cute photos together. All of which are blurry because we immediately became friends and had a good ol’ laughing time! It’s amazing to be able to meet babes from the gram in person, it proves how real this is. The people we meet, the friendships we cultivate are REAL, and we literally carry them with us everyday. I have met so many babes from the gram this year, I serisouly can’t even mention them all thanks to the Mac Duggal plus model contest I was lucky enough to have been part of! Anyways, check out how cute Britney and I are together!


The next morning we stopped at the Holy Donut, and my oh my, SO GOOD! Then we ventured over to Len Libby candy shop and saw a HUGE MOOSE MADE OF CHOCOLATE! To be precise, Lenny (the moose) is made of 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate!!!!!! That was it, that was our last stop before we made the drive back home!!


7 thoughts on “A Besties Mini Mainecation!”
  1. Ahhhh you two had so much fun fun!!! This is exactly what me and my bff are planning in burlington next weekend with YOU! This just got me so excited! Also if you ever wanna come down to visit Hartford we have TWO GUGANTIC MALLS and I would be more than happy to go shopping with you! 💞

    1. We did have a lot of fun!!!!! Gurrrrl, let me know where you are staying! Nikki and I will come meet up Saturday night! 💖💖💖 Also, would LOVE TO COME SHOPPING!

  2. I am so happy whenever I read about bff getaways! I’m so happy that you got to shop, since you live in a shopping desert! Also that chocolate moose, i need it.

  3. Oh my goodness you guys look like you had so much fun! I loved your skirt & that food 🥘 I’m just too jealous because it looks so good.

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