Boudoir photo shoots should be more than a photo shoot, but a whole damn experience. That’s just what I got when I worked with Ashleigh of Ashleigh Amber Photography (located in Fort Plain, NY), in fact it was such an amazing experience. Absolutely one of my favorite boudoir shoots to date. I was excited from the moment I found her on Instagram @ashleighamberboudoir – it’s easy to see that her work is incredible and she’s just as amazing. I drove about 45 mins to her studio, where she had a great MUA waiting to beat my face! She’s got a huge studio, an upstairs and a downstairs – we shot downstairs.

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Ashleigh’s Website

Not only does she have a beautiful studio for you but she’s also got a client closet with some plus pieces available! The blue bodysuit is actually from her client closet, I was really impressed that she had pieces available in my size. Not that I wasn’t immediately comfortable when I got there but this had just added a whole new level of comfort and value. It’s really easy to see that Ashleigh sees the beauty in all women but also values them. She made me feel like a goddess while there and now her photos got that mood going strong! She’s the boudoir photographer I had only dreamt of shooting with – turns out, dreams really can come true.

She had so many ideas, so many beautiful sets in her studio, including a claw foot tub. She’s so sweet and creates the perfect most comfortable environment for shooting boudoir. Throughout the shoot Ashleigh provided super helpful direction to achieve some super sexy shots she had in mind. If you follow me on Insta then I’m sure you’ve already been stunned by her work! I’ve been posting quite a few photos showing off Ashleigh’s work along with her fabulous MUA Victoria (@glitterandlashing) – make sure you follow them both! When you find you’re super jealous, then you might have to breakdown and book Ashleigh, she will not disappoint. Nor will Victoria, she was all setup when I arrived, ready to beautify me. We created a pretty typical look for the first set, then for the second bit Ashleigh had her turn my makeup into something so sultry. Which happened to be perfect for the bedroom set ;), HAHAH.

We created two totally different looks / sets in the bedroom, a really hot tub set, as well as surprise Ashleigh had in mind. She loves to end each shoot with a wet t-shirt, for me it was a wet tank. I got in the tank (which she had on hand IN MY SIZE), she covered my chest with fun gems, sprayed me down with a baby oil & water mixture and before I knew it we were shooting a hot af scene. I’ve only been totally topless on camera a couple of times, this being one of them. She had such a great idea of me ripping the tank off while she was shooting, I of course said yes and went to town. That’s how comfortable of an environment that she creates, I really didn’t need to hesitate! While creating such a wonderful environment, she’s also boosting your confidence by being a great stage mom. She’ll show you raw photos between shots and give plenty of direction and tips.

  I was and am still blown away with the results. Not only does the Ashleigh Amber Boudoir experience include an amazing time during the shoot but she also welcomes you back with a GROUP OF FRIENDS to help you select your favorite photos. Since I don’t exactly live around the corner, she actually posted a fun little video in her Facebook group. If you love your photos and want prints, she’s also got some beautiful print options to offer – make sure to ask about them!

Boudoir isn’t just about LOOKING good but it’s about feeling good, Ashleigh is all about that. Schedule a shoot for YOU, do this for yourself, remind yourself who you are, who you can be and how beautiful and sexy you are! I hope our work together inspires you to reach outside your comfort zone, to get a little crazy and break free, FOR YOU! Again, make sure to follow both Ashleigh and Victoria, schedule a shoot and let them turn you into a queen!


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