A Year That Felt Like a Day!


A year, I truly can’t believe it! A year ago, I woke up one morning and decided I could be a fat fashionista on the gram. I had seen a couple fashionista accounts about a week before, and I just thought wow, that really could be me. Now it is! This year I have taught myself so much, I’ve learned about fashion, body positivity, but most importantly I’ve learned about ME! I’ve learned how far I’m willing to push myself to get what I want. I’ve learned that no matter where you come from you have the power to change your life and truly discover yourself. I never imagined I’d wear a bikini, but last summer I sure did, and I fully intend to continue wearing bikinis. Swimwear was such an eyeopener for me, I used to go to the beach in a full swimsuit with shorts over them. Um NO, my thighs deserve sun, and I deserve and reserve the right to them out!


Not only I have I been able to transform myself from a body positive perspective, but also my fashion sense has increased tenfold. I’m looking at things I’ve never looked it, I’m wearing more accessories, I’m being ME! What really blows my mind are the friendships I’ve created, the babes I talk to everyday. We talk about everything and anything. Or just be silly, it doesn’t matter, we’re always there for each other. Always. Literally, I talk to some of you girls every single day, I feel like we know each other. I know your dogs, I know husbands, I know your middle name because I pried it out of you. You guys know how crazy I am, I say weird things, I do weird things, and I think weird things. Pretty sure this just means I’m weird! Is that bad? Ohhh hellll, NO! Weird = life. If weirdness didn’t exist then what would we even be? Normal? All the same? No thanks. Not only do I share my weirdness with you, but you also message me some of the best weirdness in life. HAHA You guys keep me going, I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to have all of you in my life. I never imagined that I would even surpass 5k followers, now I’m nearing 30k and I don’t know what to think!


I decided I’d celebrate my first year by having my amazing cake maker FrostedVT make me a unicorn cake. Okay, let’s be honest, team Leah really came through for this! I spent an entire day photo shooting, some with the cake, and some without! I looked freaking amazing because my stylist and friend Laela offered her time and product to make me a damn queen for the day. I had also found a photographer who made our Team Leah complete, we all worked amazingly together! We did the cake photos right behind my apartment, then moved to a cute little covered bridge in town with the balloons. We did a couple other shoots after that, but you’ll hear about those soon enough!


Hair and Makeup – Laela @lalalaela

Photos – Sarah Gottschalk @sarahgottschalkphotograhy

Cake – FrostedVT

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