Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for visiting!  I’m Leah, the creator of Voluptuousleah.  I’m from the east coast (Vermont), just a big girl in a small town with a large social media following. I’m a plus size model, body positive advocate, and social media influencer.  I’ve comfortably been plus size my entire life, exploding with confidence and excitement. Which is what lead me to start Voluptuousleah. Women, teens, girls and even men need to see marganilized bodies taking over media, dressing as they want and most importantly just living life.

My intentions with this blog are to share any fashion tips I may have, share where I find my cute outfits & to spread body positive spirit.  Every single body is beautiful, each body is worthy of acceptance, and freedom to wear what one desires.  I’m tired of all the rules full figured women have had to dress around for years, guess what?? It’s done! It’s time for us and everyone in any body to wear what we want! Take charge of your wardrobe and try something new 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, come again! IMG_0990