Hey friends, meet my friend Genn! She’s a gem, and I’m lucky to have her on my side! The week of Halloween we decided to join one of the Capital Hauntings Tours at our Capital building here in Albany. I’ve lived in Upstate for 3 years now and this was my first time in the capital, that’s strange. If you haven’t visited your capital, VISIT. There is nothing wrong with being a local tourist, learn your area + have fun!

A little friend history real quick, Genn + I met on IG a few years ago. I worked for her for a min and we quickly became friends. It was obvious we have a lot in common, we’re both genuine people, love makeup, having fun + a darn good laugh.
Not only that but we discovered we’re both quite fascinated by all things true crime + spooky! Which is why we decided to do the hauntings tour. Honestly, it was just as fun to learn a bit about local history. I had no idea that our capital building has HIDDEN murals! Want to learn more about them?? Take the tour! LOL No, this isn’t paid. You really should check it out, they call them the “lost murals”. Throughout the tour, we learned the history of the building, fires, deaths, and some spooky hauntings that they may have going on. While there we made sure to take lots of photos, it wasn’t as dark as we had hope for, so we’ll be returning later this winter. However, we MAY have captured a GHOST!

On the right, mid photo – is it a ghost guys?!

It’s not ghost related, it’s not a haunting but there was still one last creepy moment of the tour! They’ve discovered a satan carved into the architecture. While they do have other full face + head carvings, this little satan sure is a one off! Is he a protector or protagonist?!

Lil satan

Aside from spooky stories + building history, the architecture is freaking beautiful! It’s a mix of different styles because they had multiple architects working for them! Browse our photos, and get inspired to take your own trip the capital! If you go, tag us in your photos – we’d love to see them!

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