Wow babes, January is nearly oven and this is my FIRST blog post of the year. I certainly didn’t think it would be this far into the year before I could get my fingers flowing on the keyboard, but hey it happens! I’ve hope you’ve all had a great start the year, hopefully with some sort of vision of what you’d like your 2019 to look like.

I know I’ve been thinking about 2019 A LOT, I see some changes everywhere! I won’t be waiting for opportunity to find me, I’m going to find it, you should too. Make some decisions that totally throw you out of your comfort zone, that’s what I’m going to do. Other than that, I’m basically going to roll with it and see what I create! Anyways, that’s enough of a 2019 update for ya, let’s talk about this red coat that I’m sure you’re dying to hear about. 🙂

So this CUTE and FUN coat, of course it’s from Unique Vintage. It’s from the Barbie X Unique Vintage collection. I’ve actually been dying for something from the Barbie collection and this couldn’t have been more perfect.

The staple items that I paired this coat with were the gloves, the furry socks and of course the Unique Vintage shoes that I already had! I did NOT pair this with a cute little hat that all the girls are wearing, I don’t like wearing hats. I’d rather be freeze than wear a hat. haha! Keep in mind that you’ll have different items in your closet to pair this with, my staple items are different than yours!

If you get something from the Barbie collection, tag me in your photos, I want to see! Until next time lovlies 🙂 We should briefly chat about the awkward pose in my next photo, hahaha, sometimes you can’t avoid funny awkward poses and that’s okay! Save them and add them to your blooper reel.


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