I’m sure you already know this but friends and family mean a lot to me, I always get so excited when they come to visit. When my friend Colleen let me know she was coming to visit us for a weekend of fun, I started counting down the darn days! Colleen and I met in college and the rest is history! Okay, sooo we went to an artsy hippie college in the middle of nowhere Vermont……so when I saw the Sublime tribute band, Badfish was coming to a local venue the same weekend she was visiting…I knew it would be the perfect activity! Dan is also a Sublime fan, it was bound to be a weekend of fun for the three of us! Plus, it was the perfect way for them to get some quality bonding time in, course they had met before quite a few times but we hadn’t really gone out and spent time together the 3 of us. It was such a wicked fun weekend all around, even hangover Sunday was pretty darn good!

Let’s see, Colleen rolled in Friday right after work, it was perfect timing really. We had planned to visit a local bar, Centre Street for dinner and drinks. But they closed their outdoor bar and were super busy inside. So we went to my fave Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta. We had margs, dinner and lots of laughs! Okay, as Colleen would say, I had the huge marg and she had the normal one. HHAHA

Anyways, we just went to dinner, hung out and went to bed. Saturday morning though, damnnn we had the most delicious breakfast I’ve had in quite a while! We went to Manory’s in Troy, I ordered nearly everything. I already want to go back, my mouth is watering for their perfect mix of sweet + savoury. We were so full, we went back home, and hung out until Dan got home from work. Which is when we hung out some more, HAHAHA! Anyways, as you know, we were seeing Badfish at Frog Alley that evening, so we need some R+R. We went a little bit early, to enjoy some pizza from Annabelles with a side of Frog Alley’s thirst-quenching brews. This was about to be Dan and I’s first live music event since the pandemic, so we were more than excited. The music was good, the food was good, the beers were plentiful — we danced, we drank and we selfied! HAHA duh, if you didn’t selfie, then you didn’t go, don’t ya know?!

Sunday morning arrived, much quicker than any of us had wanted. The hangovers set in and hunger arrived. Colleen was dying (not really guys), on the couch, Dan and I filled up on McDonald’s to liven us up. By the time we all came around, it was time to say goodbye. We had one final stop planned before it was time for Colleen to head back to Vermont. We hit up a local candy + ice cream shop, Dominic’s Caramella Shop. Colleen claims it’s the ice cream that saved her life and got rid of the hangover. So if you’re in the Upstate area and can’t shake your hangover, try their ice cream, it might work for you too!

That’s it, a weekend of fun for a couple of friends! As always, time with friends passes by way too quickly but damn, it was so nice to have a weekend out with a buddy from home. It’s always fun when friends from home visit, we go to my fave places, share laughs, stories + catch up like no time has even passed.

Next time you’re in the area and you’re not sure what to do/eat, try one of faves and let me know what ya think!

Until next time,


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