Big Fig: A Plus Size Mattress Review

One of the most important home items in our lives is our mattress. A good mattress with full body support but also provides an all night comfort is imperative – we need sleep. There is no denying that! A goodnights rest will have you peppy and ready to run out the door in the morning. Are you getting that from your current mattress? If not (even if so), then this review is for you, let’s talk about Big Fig and my experience! 
I received my Big Fig mattress in the end of September or the beginning of October, I’ve been sleeping quite well ever since. I’d also like to add that my 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog seems like she also gets the best sleep of her life when she gets to hop in bed. She snores up a storm and wakes up for nothing. While I may not be snoring up a storm, I’m still getting a darn good night of sleep! I love the tufted top, it’s what makes the bed so soft while the inside technology provides a nice firm support. It’s the perfect mix of soft & firm, puts my head in the clouds before I can pull my covers up! I will say I was a smidgen skeptical – I had been used to a 100% memory foam mattress and wasn’t sleeping that well. I quickly adjusted to Big Fig and I sleep longer and deeper than I had for a bit. 
Wait, you know what Big Fig stands for right? BIGGER FIGURE, yes, it’s a bed specifically designed for bigger figures. That doesn’t mean that it’s ONLY for bigger figures, it means that it’s designed to support a plus size body and all the body types! It’s about time the mattress world recognizes that your average run of the mill mattress is not designed for a booty like mine. I chose a queen size bed, as it’s just for myself and occasionally Luna my doggo ( sometimes I let her in to cuddle). The size is perfect for us. There’s plenty of room for the two of us, my four pillows and two comforters. This is where I’ll remind you how important it is to have not only a comfortable and supportive mattress but a welcoming and cozy sleeping space as well. For some (myself) that means lots of pillows and blankets, for others it could mean plants, décor, really whatever it is that will ease your mind and let your body rest. We’ve talked about a supportive mattress, a cozy sleeping space, there’s one more important part to getting some good rest. It’s just the mattress that’s important, but to make sure you have a supportive foundation so your mattress can do it’s job without loosing the support it provides for your body. A sturdy supportive foundation that will evenly distribute the weight on the mattress is what you want. If you currently do not have a foundation that is meant to support a bigger figure, then have no worries. BigFig offers a foundation to pair with your mattress and they don’t stop there, if you’re also in need of a bed frame, they’ve also got standard bed frames available. 
Now that we’ve talked about comfort and the logistics of Big Fig, let’s talk about setup / unboxing. Yes, Big Fig does come in a box, all of it. The mattress, bed frame & the foundation – don’t worry about this, the comfort and support is still there! The mattress comes vacuum sealed, make sure you have enough room for it to expand while you start setting up the foundation and the bed frame. First you’ll setup the bed frame, then the foundation, which both are SUPER easy. Yes, the foundation is one piece once put together, it comes in pieces, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get it upstairs and through small spaces. Think you’ll be moving? That’s okay, you can easily take it apart (save the pieces) and put it back together in your new crib! It’s simple, comfortable, supportive, IT’S BIG FIG

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