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Hi friends, more travel fun to share! I hope you’re having a great start to your year. I’m feeling hopeful guys, this year might be it! We’ve already had a fun little weekend getaway.  A Tiny House Resort invited us to stay for the weekend. This tiny house getaway is located in a small town in the Catskills NY, Cairo. Really it was perfect for a quick trip away from the Capital District, it was only a 45-60 minute drive for us! We packed up a couple of overnight bags and hit the road. We grabbed a few snacks and drinks to bring to the tiny house as well, we wanted to have a couple of things on hand. It sure wasn’t enough, we went back out later. 

Anyways, upon arriving at the Tiny House Resort, it’s quaint and charming. You’ll stop at the front desk to left, check in, grab your key + clicker, and will quickly be on your merry way to a peaceful oasis. Also, when you’re backing out, watch out for the wild tree, we almost got it. LOL 

For tiny house living, it sure was a lot to explore on the inside. There were two beds, one in the loft up top ( I didn’t go up, Dan did), the other queen-sized bed was at the opposite end of the home. It had a cute barn door style sliding door to separate from the living + kitchen area. The bathroom was small but somehow, it wasn’t too small! Our tiny house overlooked the river, it was so peaceful with the windows facing the riverside. After exploring and tucking our weekend bags away, we got snuggled up and watched some trash TV for a bit. Here’s the thing, the weekend we went, it was SUPER COLD, icy, and windy – we did NOT explore the property. But let me reassure you, there is plenty to explore. They even had goat walks, however, when they had the goat walk, we had also decided it was dinner time. Plus I grew up with goats, the hype wasn’t there for me, yet I did still have the urge to kiss them all (don’t worry, I did NOT LOL). 

As I mentioned, it was dinner time, we went into town and found a restaurant. We had picked one out on google, but once we got there, they were actually closed. So we improvised in the moment, dinner was meh. But, we grabbed more snacks on the way back. We again got comfy and chilled for the evening. The next morning was nothing but a typical Catskills ice over, but don’t worry, we still made it down to the Tiny Bites food truck. The food truck at the Tiny House Resort had a delicious breakfast menu, I had a yummy waffle breakfast sandwich. Since it was icy, they delayed checkout, we lounged for a bit longer and then hit the road to get back home. 

Have you ever stayed in a tiny house?!? What was your favorite part?! I by far, lovedddd all of the windows!! 

Well, that’s all for now friends, until next time! 

XOXO Leah 

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