The days are longer, it’s getting warmer, and you know what that means right?? Time to pair this hot biker jacket with a sexy bike…..probably just my bicycle since I don’t have a motorcycle. Picture this: magenta biker jacket, myself and my non-sexy bicycle. HAHA please stop picturing that, it’s not looking cool in my head, in fact, it looks looking stupid af. IF you have a real motorcycle, take me for a spin. HAHA Let’s move on, I’m sure you’re wondering where the jacket is from right??

Wow, I might make a cute stoop kid! πŸ˜‚

It’s from Simply Be, they’ve actually got a whole collection of biker jackets right now. As you know (or should know), pink is my favorite color, so I couldn’t not go for the magenta one. There is also a yellow one, blue, and black. The magenta one is the most Springy to me, which was one of the three reasons it stood out to me the most. Obviously, another one of those reasons was the color, the last was the ties. I love the ties, they add a bit more character to the jacket. It also has an asymmetrical zipper with the lace up on the sides and the back. This faux leather jacket will easily become a Spring essential but also apparently a bicycle essential. HAHAH

You can’t tell but it was freezing and I survived!πŸ˜‚

You see here I paired it with a nice tight (heck yeahhh) pair of leggings, along with a cute lace tank, and some super cute magenta pumps. I already had the pumps when I picked out this jacket, I knew they’d be SO CUTE together! Of course it had to be super chilly and wind out when I did these photos, my friend and neighbor did them for me. We went to my favorite bakery and then ran across the street to these stairs after. It was 70 degrees the previous day, then bam, cold and snowing. I want Spring, which is why I’m about to ditch my winter coat for the year. I’ve got some other lightweight coats and jackets to wear, time to ditch the winter coat and dance until Spring is finally here!

Yes, I got my pants dirtyπŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Anways, that’s it for now! I don’t have any Simply Be discount codes or affiliate links, however, below I have linked this jacket for you, because I know a couple of you are going to need it!

Joanna Hope Side Tie PU JACKET

Until next time! XOXO LEAH XOXO

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