Body Positive Group Cruise to the Bahamas | February 2024

Hey Besties, the time has come…it’s time for us to take a vacation together! I invite you to join me for a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas! This plus size body positive cruise will be open to all women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, with that said, please leave your boyfriends and husbands at home! This body positive cruise was created to build a safe and friendly community to make life long friends with. 

Let’s dive into the cruise, I know you’re curious! It’ll be 3 nights departing from and returning to Fort Lauderdale. This cruise will be February 2 – February 5, 2024! This is a short weekend cruise allowing you to take a mini vacation without using up all of your PTO on silly old me. LOL

This cruise is very very similar to the cruise Dan and I took back in the end of Feb. If you’re looking for more details, please check out my cruise blog. There will be excursions available to book, however, it’s not required. Once we start booking I will create a private Facebook group for us ONLY. This group will allow us to start connecting and building new friendships before we even leave! 

Okay…time to introduce our trusted and certified travel agent….Denise Doyle of Doyle Travel! Denise is originally from Upstate NY, and is now living a sunny life in Florida! Denise has been a travel agent for 25+ years specializing in cruises. Got a question? She’s got an answer. Denise will answer all of your cruise questions, help you get booked, and get ya hyped for our body positive cruise to the Bahamas! All prices shown below are based on cabin availability and are subject to change. If you’re looking for current prices this moment, please reach out to Denise!

If you have any questions please connect with Denise, she has all of the answers! I cannot waittt to set sail together!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What ship are we on?

Liberty of the Seas through Royal Caribbean 

2) Where does the ship leave and return to?

Fort Lauderdale 

3) Will there be group activities?

Yes! We will dine together each night, we will plan pool activities and more!

4) What’s included?

There will be meals included in your cruise, however, this is YOUR vacation and you are totally able to explore other restaurants and book reservations ($$). 

5) What if I’m looking for a roommate?

Please chat with Denise, she will be doing all of the booking and will know who else is looking to share a space. Please know we cannot guarantee personalities will vibe. 

6) Do we have to be together the entire time?

No way, like I mentioned before this is YOUR vacation!

7) When should I fly in?

Personally, I would fly in 1-2 days ahead of time. If fly in the day off, and something goes wrong, the ship will not wait.

8) What if I need assistance booking flights and a hotel?

Denise is your go to and is ready to assist you with finding flights and hotels!

9) Is a passport required?

Please check with Royal Caribbean and make the best decision for you. Please also know, if you are late arriving to the ship at any of the ports, it will leave without you and you will need a passport to fly home. With that said, I did cruise to the Bahamas earlier this year without a passport and was totally fine.

10) Do you happen to have Denise’s business card?

I sure do!

Lastly, I cannot wait to set sail together!! See you in Feb!

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