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It was my birthday weekend and I had an itch to hit B-Town again! I had a complimentary 2-night stay at a beautiful hotel near Boston Common, Boston Park Plaza. Boston always makes for the perfect New England City getaway. If you haven’t visited Boston yet you should, there’s plenty to do! We find it especially convenient for us since we live in Upstate New York. It’s the perfect escape from Upstate New York, that’s only a few hours for a drive!

We planned to meet up with a long-time college friend of mine, Chelsea. Due to life and then the plandemic, we actually hadn’t seen each other for a few years – so we were both super excited! Dan and I decided to both take Friday off work, take our time getting on the road. We also planned to stop at a couple of Cannabis dispensaries along the way – gotta go big when ya go to B-Town! We started with a low-key Friday by stopping by Chelsea’s apartment on the way into the city, just for a quick snack + hug.

Once we got to the city, the hotel was super easy to find, and the parking garage was within walking distance. I’ll be honest, there wasn’t an elevator in the parking garage. The Boston Park Plaza hotel was beautifully decorated for the holiday season, there was even a giant gingerbread house! We checked in, grabbed our key, and made our way to the elevator, where I had managed to convince a group of people that the elevator was broken…then proceeded to watch them enter a different elevator vestibule. Then a young man watched us struggle and struggle, and then mentioned we should use our keycard to access the floor. OMG, you guys, it worked. LOL, we felt like such fools. We were on a restricted floor, without the card we could access lower floors, just not ours. The room was perfect for a quiet week away and the interior of the hotel was certainly had luxury hotel in Boston vibes and was quite fun to explore. There was a restaurant, it looked great, we didn’t get a chance to try it though. There was also a quite fancy and busy bar! We stumbled upon a library, a workout room, and a few typical hotel conference rooms. We also encountered a couple of weddings, so if you’re looking for a wedding in Boston, this could be the perfect Boston wedding venue for you!

We relaxed and watched TV for a bit before we found a nice Irish Bar for dinner. We had planned to have a full dinner and started with a loaded plate of nachos. Only, when the nacho actually game, it was literally enough for about 10 people. We ate as much as we could and skipped dinner, we were also so excited to see this huge plate of nachos that we forgot to snap a quick pic! LOL. I really don’t remember the name of this restaurant/bar, however, it was quite close to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

The next morning we made reservations for breakfast in Boston at the Friendly Toast, we had delicious drinks + yummy food. If you’ve never eaten at the Friendly toast, they’re a well-known brunch restaurant with locations in Boston, Burlington, and quite a few other places as well.

From there we moved onto the Boston Harbor to visit the Boston Winter Market. It wasn’t as big as I had pictured but it was still cute and fun to explore. However, there was an incident….a couple who was sitting and eating, started to point and laugh at me. I’ll give it to them, my outfit wasn’t well planned and I had to throw a few things together to meet the current weather situation. I wasn’t lookin’ my cutest but it was still uncalled for. I bought one small item from a glass shop, and quickly got out of there but not before I almost knocked over a display in the shop….typical life of Leah! Anyways, next we went back to our hotel right in Boston Common, we chilled for a bit before we went to dinner with Chelsea. 

Since it was my birthday weekend, dinner, of course, was at a lovely Mexican restaurant in downtown Boston. It was a cute little place called Burro South End. Of course, we didn’t make reservations, we ended up sitting at the bar – which really wasn’t bad. Only bad for Chelsea and Dan because they couldn’t hear one another. We had quite a few delicious drinks before we parted ways for the evening. It was such a fun, cute and delicious dinner out in Boston – a wonderful Mexican Restaurant in downtown Boston. 

We quickly went to sleep that night, it may have been all the drinks! LOL Sunday morning, was nothing but a sluggish start. We hit the road, grabbed some breakfast, and got ready for our Boston getaway to end! 

Have you been to Boston?! What’s one of your favorite things to do?! I have always loved the aquarium and the museum of science. If you go, tag me in your photos, I’d love to see what ya get up to! 


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