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Hi loves! I know it’s been such a long time I’ve blogged or even checked in here, since October to be precise. I haven’t head the head space to really sit down and write, then I started a new job! I’m back and I want to squeeze in a couple posts before the year ends just to catch you up a bit and share some photos that I have posted on Insta. For today I’m sharing a few super cute boudior photos from my shoot with Hansen Boudoir – where I showed off this super cute Teddy from Burgundy Fox Co.

This Teddy is lacy and sexy – almost like a sexy girl next door Teddy. HAHA If that wasn’t already a thing it is now, so go get you a girl next door Teddy. I did pair with a bra just because the Teddy itself doesn’t offer much for support – which is fine for the bedroom but for shooting I generally like a little more coverage. Like I mentioned above the Teddy is from Burgundy Fox Co., if you’ve been following me for a bit then you should already know who they are. For my new friends & followers, Burgundy Fox CO., is lingerie / sleepwear subscription box in sizes xs-6x. With this lacy number they also sent me a special soap to wash pieces like this that are super delicate. 

Now let’s talk about self love & body positivity for a moment, I haven’t in such a long time. I used to talk about it much more often, but I almost felt like I had to justify my photos by pairing them with a bopo or self love caption. When you start to feel like you HAVE to do something – that’s when you know it’s not right for you. So I had to stop for a bit but I’m back. Me taking time away WAS self love, self care, whatever you want to call it, it was for me. It doesn’t mean that I stopped being bopo, I just shared my body positivity in other forms, rather than words. Self love and body positivity aren’t what we say or what we look like, it’s how we feel. How we look at our selves but also the rest of the word. Can you look at yourself in the mirror with love? Can you look at people who look completely different than you do and still think they are beautiful without feeling threatened or questioning yourself? Self love comes from the inside out – once you figure that out it’ll show, and you’ll shine. You’ll be confident and you’ll look confident in your photos. 

Confidence. Smiling. Sexy. It’s not just that I look like I’m confident and sexy but I am. Years ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead doing a boudoir shoot with a stranger, wearing cute lingerie pieces. Now days, I’m just trying to book as many fun lingerie shoots as I can. It’s really important for me to share not only my boudoir photos but also my words. I want you to be confident and sexy BEFORE you to a boudoir shoot, where you’ll pose perfectly. If you feel sexy and confident, it’ll show in your photos. It’ll also show if you’re not feeling confident which is why I stress so hard for you to find your confidence and leave your comfort zones before you do a sexy shoot. You’ll love your photos so much more, I promise.

I hope you’ll find the rest of my photos as inspiration to grow your confidence and become the person your soul is waiting for!


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