Colorful Prints by Grass-Fields

Summer may be long gone and winter is basically but colorful prints never leave my closet! Grass-Fields sent me a few colorfully printed pieces to share! I love each of them in their very own way and I feel like there are so many ways to style each of these. I style these three pieces rather quickly. I styled and shot them within 24hrs of having received them and I can’t wait to style them again and be able to add some more pzazz. If you like any of these or want to see more head on over to the Grass-Fields website (link below).  They are having a Black Friday Takeover sale so go get 50% until 12/1!

Now I did size up in each of these items and it seems like I could have sized down the skirt. The dress I wouldn’t just because then there would  be more opportunity for accidental but exposure. Which, while I was doing the photos for the dress in a public parking lot a gust of wind came and blew it up. 🙄🤣😂

I of course had to choose this adorably charming Lola Midi Dress, it’s cute, it’s me and it’s flirty! What’s not to love! I totally drew a blank when it came to styling this dress only because the only thing I wanted to wear with it I didn’t own. I just wanted to wear some sort of faux fur coat with it. HAHA Which means as soon as I got that in my mind nothing in my closet would suffice.

This  blue Harun maxi skirt is SO FUN, it’s long and does drag, I wore flats just because I like the long look but I was having anxiety about my cute new skirt getting dirty. lol I paired this skirt with a tight white t-shirt, I would much rather have paired it with a long sleeve white bodysuit or crop top. However, surprisingly I have neither of those items in my closet.

Lastly is this FUN AF Darlene top! I love it! It’s categorized as a top but while taking photos my husband kept calling it a jacket, I suppose it could go either way. haha. This top was so perfect to pair with a cute pair of jeans! I would also pair this with a nice black pencil skirt, that’d be real cute!

Anyways, I hope you had a great holiday! I hope this has inspired you to keep fun crazy prints in your closet throughout all seasons!!

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  1. Both of these outfits are beautiful! You rock them! keep it up 🙂

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