Social Media Services by VoluptuousLeah


Want to boost your brand/blog? Make sure you’re giving your audience the feed and platform they want to see! Check out my services below and let’s chat!


$100 – one photo to my Instagram feed for 24 hours (also the only photo posted in a 6 hour period)

$50 – 24 hour story shout (may include link)

*multiple feature packages are available upon request*

Chit Chat: $100

Pick my insta brain for an hour to ask anything (social media/blog related) – let’s talk about your brand! We can talk about hashtags, posting consistency, apps, emojis and MORE!

Basically Basic: $300

Instagram Audit – Dissect everything from bio to hashtags to ensure you are providing the best content for your audience. I’ll dive into your content, captions, hashtags, and posting consistency. This will also include a full review of your Instagram bio to make sure your giving a great first impression and drawing in the crowd you want.

Apps – This will also include multiple app suggestions, to help with scheduling, analytics, and photo editing.

Hashtags – Will provide 30-40 hashtags relevant for your business / brand to use.

This service will conclude with a full breakdown of my findings and suggestions.

Are you ready to get started? Do you have any questions? Either way, email me at and we’ll get to work!

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