Whatcha got cooking good lookin’?? LOL! I couldn’t resist, I’ve been waiting and waiting to use that phrase. Anyways, whatcha got cookin’, IT BEST BE MY LITTLE PORKS AND SPECIAL SAUCE! You’ll have to watch my YouTube video to find out why this meal is called little porks and special sauce. Hint, it’s a family recipe and you certainly want to give it a try!

Watch my video below to see my discombobulated self make a delicious dinner. Do you have any meals or recipes that are a family specialty? We’ve got a FEW! The little porks, mac & cheese, baked beans and donuts are a few of our favorites. I can already tell you that you will NEVER get the recipe for the beans or the donuts, those are actual family secrets. YOU MUST have special meals and tastes you grew up eating and I’d love to hear all about them.

Little Porks & Special Sauce, a voluptuous specialty

The sauce recipe I’m about to share with you is basically a yummy BBQ sauce but I always refuse to call it BBQ sauce, I usually don’t like them and I LOVE THIS. So I cannot associate it with BBQ sauce but feel free. HAHA. I always make this with little porks (pork tenderloin cut up into bite sized pieces), mashed potatoes and another veggie. I’m sure this would be delicious in many other ways, if you get creative with my sauce, TELL ME! I want to try what you’re trying! HAHAHA

Sauce Recipe:

1 Cup Ketchup

1/2 Cup of Molasses

2 tablespoons of mustard (spicy or reg)

Again and as always, if you try this tell me! Send pics, share your take on it!


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