My Dia & Co box rocked this month, however, my budget did not. 😫 I’m still currently deciding what to keep if anything, the two things I’m most in love with are the skirt and the sweater dress! The dress is the second body con dress Dia & Co has sent me, I LOVE THEM. I never realized how good these dresses could look on my body. They make me feel incredibly sexy! Let’s be honest, I love to feel sexy! As plus size women, we are taught that we aren’t allowed to feel sexy.  The ONCE we achieve the want to feel sexy, we get torn down being told we are seeking attention. A topic for a later point, let’s continue with the box!!  The pants are amazing, but also one of the most expensive, which automatically means they are not to be kept! The cold shoulder top will also get sent back, even though it’s freaking adorable! Either way, watch the video and let me know your thoughts! 

Love ya babes! 

First you should totally watch me unbox! 

Dec Dia & Co unboxing

Then you can come down here and watch me try on! 
Dec Dia & Co Try On!

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