I bet you’re just like me! When you workout you want to have CUTE workout clothes right?? Of course, why wouldn’t you! It’s motivation, like “oh I get to wear those cute leggings and bright colored bra 😍”. If you’re plus size you’ve probably also struggled to find cute and well fitting activewear, I know I’ve had a hard time before. Look no farther because Dia&Co is now offering DIA Active boxes because everyone is #fittothrive – go fill out your style quiz now!

In my first #fittothrivebox I received two sports bras (non underwire), one tank, a long sleeve top, and one pair of leggings.

The leggings below are super comfy, soft, and perfect for walking my Luna! They are sightly big, I could’ve sized down. The black top they sent me is stinking adorable, I LOVE the bit of my mid drift showing. Yes, you’ll notice that I don’t have my sneakers on because I FORGOT them for the shoot. HAHA Typical Leah, I always forget something when I head out to shoot!

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Next you see both of the super comfy bras they sent! I can see myself relaxing around the house in these! The teal one could potentially be a walking bra but personally wouldn’t be a gym bra for me due to the lack of wire (same with the black one).

The last item here is this tank that they sent, it’s comfy and cute, which is all I need for walking or the gym!

If you’ve been looking for some fun, stylist and well fitting activewear then sign up for the DIA #fittothrive boxes! All photos were taken by Rose – follow her on instagram!


I hope you plus size babes have found this helpful, I know how hard it is for us to find activewear that we WANT!


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