Hey babes! I hope you’re doing well and that your 2021 is off to a great start (well, let’s be honest, the best it can be). Let’s stay positive – the year is young! I’ve got so many ideas and fun coming for you in 2021. First, we’re going to start with a fave, Draper James! You MUST know about them right?? It’s Reese Witherspoon’s line and if you don’t love her like I do, I’m not sure we can be friends. HAHAHAH Just kidding, I mean I do love her but I might be able to make some exceptions if you’re cool enough! Anyways, let’s get to these super fun and may I say COMY looks. Wait, I also want you to know I’ve loved Draper James ever since they partnered with Eloquii a couple of years ago! I remember the fit + quality were exceptional. Keep reading to find out if that’s still true!

I decided to collab (all items were gifted) with Draper James to see how their plus lines are going. Turns out, they are going pretty darn well (I hope they’re planning to break into extended sizes though). Firstly, let’s chat ARMS! You dang well us big babes struggle finding the perfect arm fit. The first item I tried on was the velvet black blazer, I was super worried about the arms. I got it on to learn the dang blazer fits PERFECTLY. If my arms could smile, they would’ve!

Let’s chat the looks! Firstly we have this lovely velvet set – this is what I’m calling the business yet comfy look! It’s all business but that velvety feel says hey, relax, stay comfy all day. I wanted to pair this blazer with the matching pants of course, but also not as a set. Just a little reminder for ya, sets don’t have to stay sets! By pairing this blazer with a pair of jeans, I quickly + easily transformed this blazer into a business casual look. Now I’ve also completed a business / office look with the full set. The blazer and pants are a pair (you order them separately), I wanted to complete the look with the floral green and black top. You can finalize this look with so many tops – make it yours, bring your personality into it! It’s colder months still, so I paired it with this Draper James long sleeve. Just in case I want to take the blazer off at work but still have some warmth retained.

Next: THIS Twill Field Jacket is perfection! I was able to layer under it with plenty of room to spare. I wouldn’t exactly call this a cold weather jacket, however, if you’re running errands in and out of the car, layer up and get your Twill Jacket on! I love the buttons + zipper and the tie! Again, do not fret about fit, I’m wearing a 3x and it fits nicely with a little room to spare should I need it. It’s a deep berry color, which is perfect! You can roll this baby out in the fall and rock it for a couple seasons.

So, here we have what I’ve named my ‘sailor’s assistant dress‘ – it just makes me feel like I should be on a BOAT! Put a girl on a boat, it’s been years. HAHAH When were you last on a boat?? I’m not talking kayaks and canoes either, BOATS. LOL Comment on one of my Draper James IG posts and tell me when you were last on a boat! Now, it’s actually called the Ruffle Neck Sweater Dress – I think my name is more fun though. HAHA I loveee this dress paired with white tights, I’m also picturing a red tight as well. You can really go wild and pick your own fun tights here – add your personality!

Okay, lastly…..THIS Paisley faux wrap dress, its perfection. It’s tied with the jacket, I couldn’t pick which my fave was! I can’t wait to wear this dress a bit more in the spring, however, until then I’ll totally wear it to the office with a cute cardi! I did model it without a cardigan for you, just so you could see the adorable sleeves. Short sleeves with movement just add a little something extra to the piece!

Alrighty babes, that’s it! Well, for now anyways! I hope you loved my Draper James looks as much as I do. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. DM me, I’d love to help! If it helps, the items I’ve modeled for you are all a 3x minus the pants, which are a 22 ( I guess probs still a 3x LOL). As always, if you purchase any Draper James outfits inspired by me, tag me in your photos – I’d love to see them! Thanks for joining!


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