Driveway | A 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend Review

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We’re back with more Bronco Sport talk! Firstly, thank you for following along with my Driveway journey. If you decide to take your own Driveway journey, tell them I sent ya, but most importantly tell me what you bought or sold and how it went! 

Let’s quickly go over a few questions that came through on IG dm about online car buying and selling with Driveway. Please don’t forget to visit the Driveway FAQs page to answer any other questions I may have missed!

  • Where did my Ford Bronco come from? It was shipped to Upstate, NY from PA. (fee was minimal, less than $300)
  • Did I finance through Driveway? Yes, I did! I’ve got their financing app downloaded and that’s where I’ll process all payments. 
  • Was paperwork digital? Paperwork was a mix of digital + physical. Even though there was some actual handheld paperwork involved, it really didn’t slow the process down. Everything was next day air- while paperwork was in the mail, the Driveway team worked on other background needs to keep the process moving. 

I want to start by saying how amazing it feels to love the car you drive. It’s important, you live one life, and if you’re on the road often, you should enjoy it. I’ve had a handful of cars in the past, and no they weren’t all amazing. Sometimes you have to start from the ground and work your way up! Literally one time I paid $500 for a Saturn S Series, it was old (don’t worry, 8 months later I sold it to a dealership for $800). Now, at one point I did also own a manual WRX limited edition and I tell ya what, I’ll always love that car and I miss it but this Bronco fills a couple voids I had with that Subi! Let’s see….I did also own a Mazda CX-5, which you already know is the vehicle I traded in to Driveway, when I purchased the Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend. My previous SUV was a funny story for me, it’s part of why it was important for me to remain in the driver seat of my next car purchase. Which is why Driveway was such a good fit for me, I was in control, I could ask as many questions as needed and all decisions were mine in the end! Now, let’s actually get into the 2022 Bronco Sport to see why I love it. I’ve gotten so many questions asking how I like it and what my favorite features are. 

To be quite honest, I can see myself contacting Driveway down the road to upgrade to a model with a removable top! I chose not to wait for one to become available (okay, also it was a smidgen out of budget), but also…..if I were a patient person, I’d have a different color. However, when I started my journey with Driveway, they were just becoming available and hitting lots. Which meant they were hard to come by. That makes it hard for me, once I decide I want something, I want it then. That’s why buying a car online with Driveway was super easy. If I found a vehicle I was interested in 1) you can view the location with the associated transportation fee but 2) all I had to do was let the team know what I was looking for, and they quickly found options that were available NOW! They did all the work for me and searched hard to find the Bronco I wanted that suited my budget and needs. They have access to thousands of cars, so don’t be afraid to ask for help, they know their inventory best. So you know I love it, but WHY?! I know car shopping online can be scary, but I promise, they are there to help and want to help you make the most informed purchase possible. 

It’s big, the Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend feels more spacious than the Mazda CX-5 SUV, I have more room upfront and I love that. It’ll be great during winter coat season! In general, the Bronco rides really smoothly, has the typical features a newer car would have (power windows, power locks). There are some key features I love:

  • I can start it from my phone! Which I already knew was a thing because Dan starts his Dodge Challenger from his phone AND watch. (He’s out of control)
  • The number keypad on the driver door 
  • The headlights! The high beams have an auto feature and will automatically dim and resume high beam. It’s super neat, it even works on the highway and will detect vehicles through the trees on the other side of the highway. 
  • Obvs I love the heated seats, they get SO WARM and quite fast. 
  • GOAT MODE: Goes Over Any Terrain. The level of goat mode for each Bronco is dependent on the model, I actually didn’t come across this in my research and didn’t know until it came. So it has: regular bronco mode, eco mode (SO COOL, I use this the most), and slippery. We did put slippery GOAT mode to the test + took the Ford Bronco Big Bend out into an Upstate, NY snowstorm and it did NOT disappoint! It def kept me from sliding around, even with just all season tires on. It’s a much needed feature for Upstate and for my VT travels. 
  • The interior-fabric is unique and seems to be easy clean.
  • CarPlay, it’s super convenient to plug my phone in and pop the GPS on the screen while still getting a small view of Pandora at the same time.
  • Lane assist, this is. feature that helps you to stay in your lane. It has a display in the driver dashboard and also triggers a shake on the steering wheel to ensure your attention is on the road.
  • Another feature I love, is the when the Ford Bronco is turned off, it displays a warning as a reminder to check the backseat for passengers. So simple, yet literally could save a life. Also….when it provides the warning, it displays an image of the backseat of a Bronco. The first week, I thought it was my actual backseat until I had someone back there and couldn’t see them on the screen. HAHAHHAH

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room…as a plus size person, the Ford Bronco Big Bend SUV is perfectly spacious. I know there is a lot of information and questions out there regarding vehicles for plus size bodies. What I can contribute is that this Ford Bronco is much roomier than the Mazda-CX5 that I sold to Driveway online.  As I mentioned, it’ll be much more comfortable during winter coat season. I can’t wait to take Betsy the Bronco camping this summer and see how much stuff I can pack into the back.

Be sure to follow along on IG, I might initiate more Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend content (idk, Ford Friday could be a thing lol)! I want to end with a big THANK YOU to every person who fully followed along with this journey. Some of you have reached out to me personally to ask about my experience and I’m more than happy to help provide a little insight and help boost your confidence within the world of online car buying and selling. Lastly, I want to end with a thank you to the team(s) over at Driveway– you’re awesome!

Until next time friends! 



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