Babes! I’ve been using Luminance Skin for a couple months now and I’m LOVING IT! I’ve been fortunate and lucky enough that we’ve been collaborating and they keep sending me amazing products to share with you! I will say I’ve been blessed with fairly nice skin. I rarely break out, I’m barely greasy and I just have a few blackheads. However, this skincare regimen has totally left my skin feeling better than ever. Oh BTW, I used to sell Mary Kay. So I used to have an outrageous skincare routine and don’t miss it a bit!

Couldn’t be happier to be using Luminance! It’s vegan, organic, cruelty free and to die for! Haha  Now if you decide you want be Luminfied (just made that up, you’re welcome 🤷🏻‍♀️) then make sure to use VOLUPTUOUSLEAH for a discount at checkout! Not quite sold? Then guess what!? You can also get free samples by using NONTOXIC at checkout! So seems like either way you win. 😉

So what have they sent me?! Seems like a little bit of everything I’ve ever needed!

I’m actually obsessed with the Rosewater Toner, literally makes me feel fancy AF okay well all of the products do but the toner does the most.  The  Delicate Cleanser is so gentle always leaving my face and finger tips softer than a baby bum. I seriously look forward to washing my face each day! Not only cleansing my face but HYDRATING! They have the BEST Deep Hydration Moisturizer it’s been cold on and off for a bit now and I haven’t gotten a single dry spot on my face yet! Sometimes my nose or forehead will get a small dry spot and I haven’t yet! I have gotten a couple dry spots on my arm and I have been using the deep hydration moisturizer on it and it totally helps! Which I have also been using the Nourishing Serum on any random dry spots I get, usually on my arms. I’m loving the Acne Serum for when I get the occasional pms or stress pimple. I’ve been using it a spot treatment as I do not need daily acne treatments. The Rosewater Mask soaks right in and feels like there isn’t anything even on my face! See below :). They also sent along an very nice and fancy Lavender Bar Soap which is very gentle and has been living in my shower!

I’m finishing up this blog post while the mask, foot cream, and lip balm are perfectly soaking into my skin. It feels so right on a Sunday night!

What else have I been using? UM EVERYTHING They’ve sent so check below for photos of everything they’ve sent along with links to each item. If you have questions about anything I’ve showed just send me a message or an email and I’ll totally get back to you! Now the only thing I don’t have from them is makeup remover wipes. LOL I’m awful at taking my makeup off at night and I’m totally the girl who needs something right on her night stand and this does not involve a mini sink.

 -Rosewater Toner and Delicate Cleanser-

-Rosewater Mask-

-Deep Hydration Moisturizer –

-Acne Serum-

-Nourishing Serum-

-Lavender Bar Soap- Not pictured because it’s all shower like ahhahaha

-Foot Cream-

~ Pictured but no link for you but I bet they’ll have it up soon!~

Just the Peppermint Lip Balm, which I must say is super hydrating!


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