Until recently I hadn’t thought much about fatphobia, it was my participation in the #selflovebootcamp that brought my attention to it.  Luckily, I only have a few fatphobia incidents that I’ve experienced, and I’ve quickly moved on from the hate.  I’ve chalked them up to nothing more than the inability to accept others and the  insecurities  of the assailant. This does not mean I’ve forgotten them, I carry them forward, turned them into positive energy for me to keep going forward.  It taught me at a young age that I will not always be accepted, nor do I NEED to be accepted by anyone but myself. I’ve been told about my “big fat arms”, my “big legs”and the general stares.

On Instrgram I have been exposed to what “concern trolling”, which also doesn’t impact me too much.  I knew when I started my IG that there would be trolls out there, people looking to waste time, people who literally spend their time looking for imperfections.  It’s the world of the internet, and sadly in this sad world, this is something I knew I would need to be prepared for.  As someone who was picked on growing up, this really wasn’t going to be an issue for me.  I can easily ignore anything directed at me, I have three older sisters, I was constantly the source of entertainment for them.  Although, at times they have picked on my size or weight, it was never meant to be hurtful, they’ve helped prepared me for the reality I was going to hit later in life. Anyways, back to the article, the link is below titled ‘concern trolling’.

There are many things this article taught / reminded me of.

  1. Society loves to latch onto statistics, no matter the validity, they’ll hold on to them for years.
  2. Pretending to care for someones health, can actually cause much more mental damage. Which in many cases can case one to eat more, or force them into an ED.
  3. SO TIRED OF HEARING “GLORIFYING OBESITY” – STFU – No, this is called allowing other human beings who are not a size 2 or even a 10 to feel comfortable in their own bodies. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, there are individuals so terrified to leave their homes, that they are damaging themselves further by becoming homebodies.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Netflix couch sesh, okay, maybe even for a day or two.  But I wouldn’t survive without society for much longer.  My personality thrives off others, I need relationships to survive. Good and bad, without the bad I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.  Regardless, every single person deserves to be accepted, deserves to go out into public without fear.  This is a revolution and everyone can be part of it.  Body positivity isn’t just for plus size, it’s for ALL sizes, 00-32 & beyond!  Shaming people for being fat has no use whatsoever.

So, those are just a few of my thoughts, go ahead, read the article and tell me what YOU think!!



Concern Trolling

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