Helloooo friends! I hope you’re all enjoying Summer as much as you can so far. I know it’s weird, we’re just getting back out into the wild after a weird couple of years but damn, I am so happy to finally be out and about again! We’ve been so busy that we’re actually looking forward to a low-key weekend this week. Anyyyways, let’s chat about this past month, it was stinkin’ FUN! If you haven’t been out and about, I hope this helps inspire you to find joy in doing things and almost living a normal life again – you deserve it. Within the last month I have venture out to the Finger Lakes in NY, not once but twice! I hadn’t ever been before but now there’s a wine I’m in love with up there! So what did I do in the Finger Lakes?? Well, I was speaker at Fat Camp (not the rude camp you’re imagining), and I attended my very first car race ever with Driveway and Pfaff Motorsports!

Let’s start with Fat Camp since that happened first. While I was a speaker, I also attended the the weekend, had fun and made some new friends. We stayed on a beautiful property in Hector, NY at Single Shore Island. I had my own adorable private cabin for the weekend. There was a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a mini fridge for snacks and wine! The weekend was so much fun, I met some really great people, had some tasty food, and of course missed Wanda and Dan. LOLOL DUH, was my first time away from little Wanda baby!

Over the weekend we visited wineries, took some super adorbs photos, had a slumber party, and had lots of delicious food. Oh, I also went to bed each night early, I’m pretty strict and I know my body gets up early, so I had to get to bed early. Don’t be afraid to advocate for your personal schedule, even when on a trip – do YOU!

We also went on a nice boat cruise around Seneca lake, visited the Watkins Glen state park, chased down a few waterfalls and enjoyed a picnic. Now let’s jump back to wineries, we visited two: Hunt Country and Wagner Vineyards. I like both of them for different reasons, Wagner had a fun atmosphere, Hunt had the best wine! But, Hunt also had the best photo ops. It was a weekend packed with fun, a private chef, and conversations to be remembered. Now if you remember correctly, I went BACK to the Finger Lakes after Fat Camp.

That’s right, Driveway and Pfaff Motorsports invited Dan and I to join them for the 6 hour race in Watkins Glen! Neither of us had ever been to any type of car race before, which is surprising since we’re both from the country. It was such a fun experience, we joined the team on Saturday for qualifying race events, as well as Sunday for the actual race.

Saturday we also got a tour of the Driveway Pfaff paddock, met drivers, and got to see the real race car! Sunday the guys brought us down the pit, which was super busy and quite interesting. It was neat to see the crew members getting ready for the big race, watch a few cars cruise by on the track and really just learn about a whole industry I knew nothing about. It really blew my mind to know that each weekend takes about 22 crew members and 7 sets of tires for a 6 hour race. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget those tidbits. Of course, I did also learn about the car, and how it differs from street cars and even a NASCAR car – there is so much to learn. I’m thankful the Pfaff guys, Don + Laurance took the time to explain things but also they drove us around all weekend and I would’ve died sweating without their rides. LOLOL

In between I did also bring Dan to visit a waterfall, we went to dinner (I’ll be honest, I didn’t pick the best place lol), and I went right back to Hunt Country to pick up a couple bottles of my fave wine, the Remedy!

That’s it, my two trips to the Finger Lakes! Both very different which shows there are so many different things you can do in the area. Make it girls trip or family trip, either way, there’s plenty to see and do!

Until next time my friends!


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