Keep calm, buy this dress and Flamingo ON! HAHA

I’ve got a million silly flamingo puns running through my mind right now, but I’m going to keep them locked up, otherwise you’ll think I’m crazy. I don’t give a flying flamingo who you are, this dress is damn CUTE! See that, had to let one more flamingo joke out. Was it even funny? I laughed out loud, I hope it was funny to you TOO!

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ANYWAYS, moving the flamingo on (LOL), I really do love this cute Phoebe – Pretty in Pink Flamingos dress. It’s got a 1950’s vibe to it with the cut along with some fun movement when ya get swingin’.

I first wore this dress out just for a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market and I got countless compliments and friendly flamingo stares. Yes, I go to the Farmer’s Market, I love supporting local businesses. I also have some sort of JAM addiction! You know like Joey in FRIENDS, when he said he’d bring jam to the movies? Yeah, that’s me. So that’s why I was at the Farmer’s Market. There is this CUTE elderly lady who makes and sells the MOST delicious jams! This time I picked out raspberry + cherry jam, it’s WICKED GOOD! How do you support your local businesses?

Flamingo, fashion, plussize, blogger

I’m also actually already considering wearing this dress again, exactly a week later! I’ve got a wedding coming up and I feel like it’ll be SO CUTE to wear. I just want to find a belt so I can belt it, it was a little big in the waist because but fits nicely everywhere else. If you’ve been looking for a cute vintage spin to add to your wardrobe then you’ll want to check out Lady Vintage and get yourself your own Phoebe Flamingo dress!

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I do! Thanks for joining and remember to be FLAMAZING as always!


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