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BABES! Ya’ll I had no idea you love Friends as much as I do. I grew up watching Friends and I haven’t stopped! I re-watch the Thanksgiving episodes every year, if not on the actual day, then right around! It’s such a calming show for me, it’s always fun, it’s relatable. While I do HATE the Monica fat jokes, I honestly think I’m numb to them because I’ve always been the butt of fat jokes. On the other hand, I bet every divorced man hates the Ross divorce digs, I never think too much of it. It is and will always be a favorite show of mine. When Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head, I ALWAYS CRACK UP! What’s your favorite scene? If you follow me on IG, you’ve probably already shared it in my stories! You guys remember the best scenes, all my favs! HAHA that’s easy, all the scenes are my favorite. LOL

Anyways, you went WILD for my Friends hoodie! I snagged it from RUE21 and you can too! It’s available in plus and straight sizes, Friends is for everyone! I’ve linked to both sizes for you: Get your Plus Hoodie HERE and your Straight size Hoodie HERE! I love shopping brands that cater to all (or most) sizes! While I am a plus size babe, I LOVE everyone, we’re all beautiful, fashion should be for ALL.

If you grab a Friends hoodie, tag me in your pics! I’d love to see you in it and I’d love to post your photos to my IG stories!

As always, thank you for your on-going love and support, it means the world.


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