Firstly, pick your pleasure:  Chinese or Womanizer? Just kidding, you don’t have to pick, you can have both (or I did LOL).

Sex is always a hot topic, yet still a conversation for behind closed doors. What’s even more taboo to speak about is female masturbation. Not here though! I know a lot of women feel ashamed to admit that they watch porn, have sex toys, and enjoy finding pleasure alone. This has to change! It’s totally okay for men to speak about basically anything they want but women somehow have standards to follow or we’re ridiculed in million ways.

Anyways, here today and always this is sex talk safe space (GTFO creepers.), but specifically we’ll be talking about Womanizer! It’s super important for everyone (not just women) to orgasm on their own time, women have the advantage here, our sex toys are so much better than a man’s. No, I didn’t say A MAN, an actual dick will always win. Our sex toys are much more enjoyable and in my opinion much less awkward than man sex toys.

Anyways, back to Womanizer, it’s the whole purpose of today’s post! They sent me the Womanizer Duo to review. Which yes, I certainly have tried it out and no I didn’t need porn! HAHA! I’d say the Womanizer Duo is runner up to the real deal. It’ll make you orgasm two different ways and multiple times (and for two hours if you can take it HAHHAHAHAH). Okay, so not only can it run for two hours but it’s also waterproof. It has 12 different pleasure levels inside and out (HHAHAH okay, I’ll to stop being funny now). The clitoris stimulator offers something Womanizer calls “Pleasure Air Technology”, which offers a gentle air suction while also having an orgasm on the inside provided by pleasant vibrations. I will say that I think the suction feature could be a bit stronger but I also haven’t tried the smaller stimulator head, which could be what I need! The best thing I can say here is BUY IT B*TCHES, you need it and you deserve it! I’ve linked the Duo and the Womanizer site multiple times, if you’re on the line, let me the one to push you towards the click. HHAH I didn’t even know how much I’d enjoy the Duo until I got it. 

While this may be a sponsored post, the review is totally genuine and yes, I tried the Duo before writing this! If you don’t believe me, you can ask my neighbor. I had used it in the morning, washed it in the guest bath (I know so silly) and left it there to dry throughout the day. Later that evening my neighbor came over to enjoy a bottle of wine, she asked to use the restroom and without thinking I of course said yes. It didn’t click in my head until after she had left, that the toy was in the bathroom! HAHA! Immediately texted her to laugh and apologize. Anyways babes, If you are looking for some serious extra pleasure in the bedroom, then splurge on a Womanizer Duo!


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