Hi Sparkle Babes! Yes, I’m back from Houston! The Curvy Summer Scene event went very well, espicially for it being Sarah-Jane and I’s first event together. Once we get some photos back from Curvy Summer Scene, I’ll write up a blog post about it for you! For now I will say that I ate a lot and was sweating my ass of each day. My Vermont body was not built for humid Texas heat! Anyways, I’m actually here to just give you a mini life update!

I’ve gone from a blue/purple/teal mermaid to an adorable PINK mermaid! Yasss, I found an amazing stylist (waiting to hangout with her so we can be new BFF’s!), she’s great, I knew from the get go that I would be able to trust her. She stripped me of my previous mermaid life and created  a whole new one for me. Check her out on Instagram as @mermaidhairmarissa — if you go into the salon to see her mention my name for $25 off your first coloring session or a free deep conditioning treatment with  a cut! Getting my hair done may been the most exciting thing I’ve done since I’ve moved!

Although, I do love a good Farmer’s Market! Yesterday we went out and explored the cute Farmer’s Market in Saratoga. It put the Farmer’s Market in Vermont to shame, well at least the ones I’ve been to. Wore a cute af outfit, picked up some honey and produce. Had a delicious breakfast sandwich and then journeyed back home to start the second part of our day.

The second part of our day we went and visited some family while they were camping. I of course HAD to bring my cute, new HUGE, giraffe floatie for photos! This super nice older guy was pushing me around the pool for photos the whole time. HAHAH Yes, I let the little children at the pool go for rides on him. I told them only two spins around the shallow end, then they’d happily hop off! However, one 12 year old kid did ask to borrow my giraffe while I was sunbathing…I said “break it, you buy it, depends on your allowance”. Why am I like this? HHAHAHAH

Anyways, that’s just a little fun update for you about my past week! Make sure to always check my Instagram for fun new content!


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