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Ladies! Who’s got thick thighs? I DO! Who doesn’t have chafe problems? That’s right, I don’t! Thanks so much to MedZone / PlusZone and their ChafeZone product! I first used ChafeZone when I was shooting in LA, shooting cute little dresses all day. I applied my ChafeZone first thing when I got on set and didn’t even need to reapply once (I imagine once it gets hotter a reapplication midday may be wanted for additional comfort). While I was out there, I had even made the creative I was working with try my ChafeZone (yes we wiped it clean – so shared germs), I immediately felt the need to share this product and I wasn’t even being sponsored by PlusZone at that point.

I’ve been using my ChafeZone to wear dresses to work, for shooting around home on the weekends, and to cure any chafing discomfort! I’m super excited to use ChafeZone all summer long and not need to worry about making sure I have shapewear (only for my thighs) or shorts to wear under my dresses and skirts. This is going to be a summer of #thighfreedom! I’ve struggled with thigh chafing basically most of my life, I’ve finally found a rememdy that I can get on board with! Which means, I’ve partnered with PlusZone to spread the word and love for  ChafeZone.

I’m sure you’re wondering what MedZone and Plus Zone are, so let’s jump into that and give you a little idea of what they have to offer! MedZone is a brand directed towards soothing discomfort of  many types and for BOTH GENDERS! They have topical products designed to provide relief for many ailments, blisters, muscle pain, chaffing, etc. You can view more about them here at their about page. Now, PlusZone is a brand within MedZone that is geared towards the plus size community! How great is that? Honestly, I get super excited when I hear about things/brands/products that are dedicated to the plus community. So much is lacking in the plus community, so when brands dedicate themselves to the community it creates a bigger awareness and impact. If you’d like to read a little more about PlusZone, then checkout their about page! Below I have linked to the products that they offer since I’m quite you’re curious about trying out the brand! PlusZone has and continues to work with many babes and bloggers within the plus community and are becoming a must have brand to many plus size women, myself included! I can’t believe I lived all of life without a ChafeZone stick!

ChafeZone – For Chub Rub!

BlisterZone – To prevent blisters on feet and hands, shoes, gloves, etc. This will be perfect for breaking in my new sandals this year, I always get blisters when I break in new sandals.

BurnZone  – Helps with sunburn, insect bites, existing chafe..takes the sting out. I’m also thinking this one would work for when I carelessly curl my hair…burned ears, hands and I’ve also burned my thigh with my curly wand…

PainZonePain relief roll on for back pain, sore muscles, aching feet and more. Totally going to try this on my food the next time it aches!

Wound WashSterile saline wash for piercing/tattoo aftercare and wound care. WHAT? Tattoo aftercare?!? That’s awesome, I’ll have to put this to the test when I get my next tatt!

If you want to try some ChafeZone but haven’t fully commited and don’t you don’t want to spend money on it yet? Then guess what? I’ll be going live on my VoluptuousLeah Facebook  (make sure you LIKE ME!) account on May 7th at 7pm EST and I’ll be giving away some ChafeZone! I want you to tune and tell me how you’ve deal with chafing throughout your life. Do you wear shorts under dresses? Do you just not wear dresses? Do you have any special terms you use to describe chafing? Tell me! Let’s remedy this and get you some ChafeZone! I’ll be asking some super fun questions, and the wildest answers might get some ChafeZone sent your way! I’m really do enjoy this brand, I’m excited to share with you and introduce you babes to a new way to soothe chafing, so like me you can have a fun, chafe free summer!

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  1. I’ll have to give this a try! My chafing solution is to wear shorts under everything, which definitely doesn’t work with all dress silhouettes. Can’t wait to give it a whirl! Xo

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