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I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually given any sort of life updates or really blogged much! Tell you what, I’m so over WINTER! I just want to share cute, fun, Spring fashion and it’s too cold! I recently did OOTD photos of a new Xehar Curvy top (use LEAH15 for a discount), the top so badly wants Spring sun but all I could offer it was a chilly winter day. I wanted to share this Xehar outfit to reacquaint you with Xehar, I know I shared some last Spring/Summer but get ready to see loads more of Xehar! I’m officially considered a Fashion Fairy, which means I get to go to the Xehar HQ in LA. Which I have already been once, such a fun time, so much fashion, fun, modeling and friendships that were built. I’m super excited to be heading back to LA this week, hopefully this silly winter storm doesn’t get my delayed anywhere. I can’t wait to shoot, get my big old body into some springy fashion and shoot!

I can’t wait to share more Xehar with you, I’m actually going to try to blog each outfit and provide links along with my own descriptions of each item,  starting with the outfit below.

I had earlier mentioned that this is a Xehar top, that was  partial lie. It is Xehar, but it is not a top! It’s actually a dress!! This is a new favorite trick of mine, I’ve been wearing dresses a shirts, I do this at least once week. I do this mainly with dresses that are actually too short for the office but are too cute not to wear. This is actually very short on me, mainly because my butt takes up most of the room. I made it work, I have a slightly springy outfit on a dang cold winter day. Here’s to keeping up with the blog, sharing more Xehar outfits, and possibly here to skipping over Spring and right into bikini season. HAHA

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