BodyBoss contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying their Ultimate Body Fitness Guide and I said YES. I said yes for many reasons. It’s important for us body positive babes to show and remind the community that working out can be body positive. Not only that but BodyBoss is a workout program that can be done anywhere and anytime. I’m not the kind of person who always plans my workouts, so having something that isn’t too time consuming and that can be done anywhere is a HUGE plus for me. Being able to workout on a whim and not needing to schedule time to drive to the gym is great. Another plus is that it’s a program that allows you to use your own body weight to gain strength.

I love just even having the guide for a nice visual of the actual movements. It makes it much easier to learn the movements. With that being said though I do feel as if having a video or recording (there is an online version that can be purchased) to tell me what to do would be best in the long run. While working out I tend to like being told what to do.  I feel like I need to keep referring to the book to see what is next as I haven’t memorized it. On the other hand, it’s nice to have a book because I can just peer at it and  do some of these while watching tv or just before bed, really anytime and anywhere. The workouts are for 24 active minutes, 3x a week and each workout targets different body area e.g. Mondays are for Legs & Booty, Wednesdays are for Arms, Abs & Core and Fridays are for Full Body. It does also come with a bonus 4-wk pre-training guide for new beginners who are new to the HIIT workout  It’ll make you sweat and  it’ll make you burn, well at least it did for me! Hold your core tight and go to town, gain strength and stamina. My abs are sore and I last did BodyBoss two days ago!



I talk more about gaining strength than I do with burning calories. I don’t count steps and I certainly don’t count burned calories to see if I’ve earned a cookie at the end of the week. I simply want to keep my strength and gain more while challenging myself but not needing to dedicate all of time to the gym. Which brings me into working out while being body positive. It’s totally possible and so many bopo babes do workout. Guess what? Many of them don’t work out and that is okay! This is why it was essential for me to work with BodyBoss. To show you that we can work out and remain body positive. No I do not workout to loose weight, if it happens by chance that’s great, but it’s a strength thing for me.  Working out is different for everyone. It’s also always key to remember that just because you workout that doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t. Also that if you don’t workout that doesn’t make you better or less worthy. We are all people, who live different lifestyles and deserve respect.


On that note, I have tried BodyBoss and I’m totally going to try to work it into my schedule here and there. Even if it’s just for a little ab (yes fat girls still have abs) burn at the least. While this was a sponsored post all opinions will always be mine.



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