Hi Babes! I sure hope you had a great weekend! I know I did! I wanted to start our week by sharing one of my newest and favorite subscription boxes: House Plant Box! This has become the box I look forward to each month. Okay, I’m on a break because I now have 17 plants. LOL

I started out by subscribing to the monthly succulent box, then I switched to the pet-friendly box! I’ve got a few plants that I’ve had for quite a while, I tend to keep them out of my dog Luna’s reach. Plus she’s super good and would never touch a plant! However, I do have a few low spots to place a few plants and they may as well be pet-friendly. What if Luna has a friend over who doesn’t know plants aren’t for dogs??

Another reason I wanted to bring in some pet-friendly plants, was to open up that conversation with YOU! A lot of pet owners, aren’t aware that plants can actually be dangerous / poisonous for our fur-babies. Examples: poinsettia – BAD, Jade plants are also bad, ferns, aloes are also on this list.

Like I mentioned, I do own a few of these plants and below you’ll see my Jade from House Plant Box. I keep these out of Luna’s reach and in place where if the foliage falls, it’ll fall onto a counter surface rather than the floor. Below you’ll also see my Peperomia Minter, which IS a pet friendly plant! If you have pets who are super curious about your plants, I would highly suggest looking into pet friendly plants, they’re just as cute!

Now let’s just talk plants in general and how they can benefit us! Firstly, they’re perfect for those of us who love caring for things and people. They’re living and they need you. From there, house plants have quite a few benefits, they act as little natural air purifiers, sometimes they can help reduce stress levels, they improve your mood and some research even states it can improve our productivity! Dang, lets add a few plants to my office at work. Just kidding, I don’t have windows. HAHAH Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how many plants I have….it’s a few. I have about 17 plants currently,  more are being added. HAHAH I’ve also got 3 plants in the propagating process, my little babies! Are you familiar with propagation? It’s basically a fancy word for plant breeding! I’ve got clippings from 3 different plants, they are in water (no soil) and in my window sill (they love the light), this is to allow the clippings to grow roots. Once they’ve got a good root system going, it’ll be time to actually plant them in some potting soil. This won’t happen over night, I’ve had one baby in propagation for over a month. I checked the roots last night, they are looking fabulous, which means in another week or two, I’ll get it planted! So the next time you’re at a friends house and you’re feeling jealous about one of their plants, ask them for a clipping! It feels so good to nurture a clipping into a full plant.

Comment and tell me what plants you have?? While I’m not a plant expert, I do know a few things. If you’ve got questions, ask and I’ll do my best to find an answer if I don’t have it! Welcome to plant mom life 🙂



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