Hi Friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, I sure did! I want to take a moment to sum up my weekend – maybe you can tell me how yours was too! This year blogging isn’t just going to be fashion, it’s going to be life, food, my doggo, relationships, & travel and I hope you’re ready for the ride!
This last weekend I traveled to Boston, MA with my handsome boyfriend. First we roamed the Museum of Science for a few hours, I HAD to go. They have a doggo exhibit going on right now and I needed to be there but also, the butterfly conservatory! Have you been? If you’ve never been there and you’re in the area, I would suggest to check it out. Even if it’s only for an hour or so, you can fill our time with interactive activities, watch shows enjoyed from a bench and just walk around to take it in!
As I mentioned, I was the most interested in the butterfly conservatory and the doggo exhibit. Let’s start with the butterflies! They were gorgeous and for the space they have, it is GREAT! It is a small space but there is NO shortage of butterflies or pretty plants. The butterflies freely roam, land on visitors, or ride on an orange (carried by a worker), sucking the juice from fresh fruit, living life. They had quite the variety as well, while I didn’t see a Monarch (my fav), I’m sure they had one or couple in there. Butterflies are always on the go and I know I didn’t even see them all! We only spent about 15 mins with the butterflies and it was worth it.
The dog exhibit, we roamed the whole thing. It was super informational, especially  for those who have never owned a dog before. If you’re thinking about getting a dog but you’re not dog educated, head to the Museum of Science while the dog exhibit is still there! They’ve got a fun way to learn all about your bestest friend!

Now, I’ve shared my two favorite events at the Museum of Science, what else do you think we did? WE GOT BURGERS DUH!

We both love burgers, so when an Insta fan suggested we hit up Boston Burger Co, WE DID. It was SO delicious – I mean they were featured on the Food Network, they have to be right? We started out with one of their signature #freakfrappe ‘s and it was amazing, we shared the frozen hot chocolate, which came with a damn S’MORE on top. Can you believe that? Of course, we both got the same burger! LOL The Mac Attack, it’s loaded with Mac & Cheese, bacon and beef. It was mouth watering, in fact, all the plates & drinks that I saw being served were mouth watering. 10/10 would go back and order everything!
After the burgers we went to a neat little bar named Versus, it’s actually an arcade and bar! It was fun, they did have a menu of delicious looking food, but we’d already filled up on burgers, so we just grabbed a drink and played a few games. It was super packed ( I’m sure everyone wants to go!), we did have to wait for games but once we got our turn it was worth it. After we finished up our drinks, we headed back to our cute little Airbnb and got some rest! Wait, that was lies. I ordered late night Insomnia Cookies. HAHA YES, so good. Dan hadn’t had them before so I had to get him some! After we filled up on cookies, we passed out from our sugar overload. First thing in the morning, we got up, had breakfast and then explored a little bit, roamed the mall, and then hit the road! If it were summer and warm out, we would’ve done a few more outside activities, but we just really wanted to get away and have a change in scenery! Okay, whatever. We could’ve gone ice skating but I’m scared to break an ankle.
Next time in Boston, walking night tours, maybe  whale watch, and then more FOOD!
Do you have any fun day or weekend trips coming up? They’re the best this time of year, especially here in Upstate, NY. It’s hard to find things to do in the winter, so exploring a new place was the perfect refresher while we wait for Spring!



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