Piney and Co. sent me an amazingly comfortable pair of pants,  they gave me a choice so I obviously opted for the pineapple print.  I just love pineapples, only fresh pineapples, not the crap at the grocery store. I’ve even gone to the extent of ordering fresh pineapples from Maui to fulfill my need. Call me crazy, but when you go fresh you never go back. 😆🍍 Anyways, back to the pants, that’s why we’re here right?!?

I was slightly leary of the sizing, as they only come in three sizes. I thought they would either be too big in the thighs if I sized up or that if I went with my actual size my bum wouldn’t have enough room. I went with my instincts and ordered the size that corresponds with my regular pants size. Totally glad I did! They fit perfectly and make my bum look glamourous!

The pants, so comfy, stylish and versitile. I could wear them anywhere, the beach, the woods, the park, my couch, the grocery store, work, yeah I would most definitely wear them to work and I’m planning to in the near future.

They’d be perfect styled with crop tops, tanks, tee’s, or just a super cute bralette! See how I styled mine below 🍍🍍🍍
If you love them as much as I do follow my affiliate link by clicking here  ➡️   🍍

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