GUYS! Who else has gotten into QVC over the last year or so?! I sure have! I’ve gotten a few things from them, including my Vionic footwear! To be specific, I’ve purchased 5 items from them and only needed to return one item. It was a weird fit, it didn’t suit my fat roll the way I like. LOLOL The return was wildly EASY, I filled out the form that came with my items, and bam, a couple of weeks later they refunded! I didn’t email, chat or call ANYONE.

Firstly, let’s chat about this Hunter McGrady skirt! This skirt is so perfect for Spring + Summer, the floral pattern is quite timeless as well. I snagged this cutie on sale for our trip to Baltimore. The side slit is the perfect amount of cute + sexy, wear it to work or wear it to dinner. Either way, you gonna be CUTE!

Secondly, we can chat about all the other items I bought…they’re all footwear! I know I don’t really talk about it, but I do have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It’s been acting up badly the last year or so, which is why I dove in and bought quite a few pairs of Vionic footwear. Footwear is so much more important than we think. It’ll catch up to you when you’re least expecting it. I’m currently working on replacing most of my “evergreen” footwear with supportive footwear that we all truly need. I ended up with two pairs of sandals and one pair of sneakers! They all fit perfectly, and the arch support is exactly what I had been needing. Now, don’t get me started on supportive + cute fall/winter footwear, it’s basically non-existent.

What’s next on my QVC hit list? Let’s see….home decor + holiday shopping! I know QVC always kills the holiday shopping deals and I can’t wait to see what they have this year! I know I haven’t shopped at QVC THAT much, but this is just the beginning I can feel it. I hope I’ve inspired you to become a QVC-er just like me! Everyone’s getting QVC for Christmas this year, one-stop holiday shopping is just my style!

If you decide to shop at QVC, you better DM me your cart. I want to see what you GET!

XOXO until next time

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