I know the Holidays are, it should be a happy, cheerful, exciting time of year! For many it’s not.

I want to remind everyone to NOT feel guilt about having a Christmas dinner, or a Christmas cookie, don’t think about how you’ll work it off. Don’t let your family turn you to stress eating either, while I also love eating, I know when to control my emotions.

Don’t let anyone or anything take control of you, your emotions, or habits this holiday season. Be YOU, do YOU, eat that damn Christmas cookie! Listen to those annoying, sometimes horrible family stories, but don’t let them get to you. You are in control!

I truly do know how stressful family can be, which is why I’ve learned to listen, and move on. I can have my own opinions, I don’t always need to share them. As they aren’t always respected, sometimes during the holidays it’s best to keep quiet to avoid turmoil. Which in turn causes me less stress! So remember, YOU are in control! No you cannot control what people are saying, but you can control yourself and your own reactions.

Love you lovelies!

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