It’s been another bikini filled summer and it’s not over! I’m not looking forward to fall quite yet, in fact, I haven’t even looked at ANY FALL FASHION. I want summer year ROUND! Which is why I’m STILL shooting swimwear for you.

Two years ago I decided to stop wearing one piece suits with men’s board shorts over them to the beach. It was the best decision I’ve made, especially since I had discovered some AMAZING underwire bikinis. Yes, most of us big babes live for underwire bras and suits. I’m one of them! I’ve fallen to the social standards that our tits should always be right under our chins. Jeez, thanks plastic surgery, magazines and media but all tits are different and rarely fall just below the chin. I’ve been worried about the shape and where my tits sit for years, this summer I’ve completely gone out of my comfort zone to show myself that it’s okay if I don’t have the most perky chest in the world. Where my tits sit is where they sit and that’s that!

Well, this summer I did something unthinkable, unimaginable, I wore WIRE FREE suits! It started in Houston at Curvy Summer Scene with me wearing a super cute Unique Vintage suit. I just loved IT!

Upon returning home from Houston I had a swimwear package from Simply Be, the package included TWO wire free suits. I had received this package just before leaving and was so nervous about coming home to shoot the pieces. That was until I had my first wire free experience in my new Unique Vintage set.

I came home, put on my wire free suits, and felt sexy AF! The black suit specifically made me feel like a sexy sex machine. 🤣🤣 The bikini actually ended up being the most revealing bikini top I’ve ever worn, while also being wireless. I LOVED IT but I can honestly say I wouldn’t wear it in the ocean for fear of loosing a tit. I am thinking that if I had sized down in the top it may have offered a bit more support but then the cups would have been too small.

Babes, I truly hope that this inspires you to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things, try wire-free bras, swimwear, try anything that makes you uncomfortable and work towards finding comfort within it. If you liked my suits, you can check them out via the links below!

Until next time babes,


Links to suits (not affiliate links):

Sailor Unique Vintage Bikini Top

Sailor Unique Vintage Bikini Bottoms

Simply Be Sex Machine One Piece

Simply Be Revealing Bikini

Simply Be Tie Skirt Sarong

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