Hey loves! Xehar sent me another surprise package! I was beyond excited to open the package and check out the goodies they had sent. Okay, super excited, let’s be honest, I want to go to one of their press releases! They look SO FUN! I mean did you see how fun fabulous @Jamie_jetaime looked?? She and all the others looked so amazing, not only that but the most FUN! Not that I don’t have fun, it just looked like blogger babe central! I love blogger babe central! HAHAHAHA!


So what did Xehar send? A SUPER cute top, with a nice lace trim around the bottom and the sleeves. I could wear this top a million different ways! I truly do like the top, I’ll wear it again and it looked SO cute with the skirt that I had paired it with. It fits perfectly, unlike the other item they had sent. The lace detail is too damn cute, it’s not the kind of lace that rips when you look at it for too long either. Which is great for me, my rings and eyes get caught on everything! HAHAH


What did they send that didn’t fit that well? Some amazing, light weight striped trousers. I love how the legs fit, however, I seriously couldn’t button them. I have a big behind, so any bottoms with no give, have got to be exactly my size.   These pants are the only thing they’ve sent that I didn’t fit into that well. I wish they did because I would love to wear them again and totally style them differently! I mean I could probably alter them somehow? I’m not exactly creative, but YouTube might have something!



I had decided to model these pants on a hot day, which meant I had to stop for a creemee! It was soo hot out! Yes they are light weight pants, but I generally just get hot, it runs in my family. LOL Which meant I had to have a creemee. You can see in some of the photos just how hot it was, the ice cream was melting so fast I couldn’t keep up. Basically had to eat the creemee like a savage, also leaving me with sticky hands for the rest of the shoot.

Which by the way, I know I’ve talked about creemee’s on Instragram a bit lately, and I just gotta throw it into the blog as well! In Vermont, what you may call “soft-serve” is known to us a CREEMEE! So much more fun right????




Yes this is a sponsored post,  but no fear the opinions are 100% my own.

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