Hey Babes! I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve just been swooning over my Fashion to Figure (FTF) outfits lately and I know you have been TOO! Babes, if you decide to purchase from FTF make sure to save yourselves some money and use my code FTFLEAH (not commission or affiliate based). I’ve gathered my 3 FAVORITE looks so far, this was really hard, and they are ALL SO GOOD! First, let’s start with jeans. I’m sure many of you can relate, it is so darn hard to find a pair of jeans that fit well. I mean actually FIT you, no saggy crotch and no saggy butt, all while making you look divine. I wasn’t sure if those jeans were out there but they are and they are from FTF.

What’s next? Perfect tops? Maybe a dress? Shorts? NAH, let’s go with this stinkin’ cute TRACKSUIT! Now this tracksuit is super cute, fits well, and is wicked comfy, none of those are the reason it made this list. It made this list because I hadn’t ever worn something like this, yes of course I’ve worn a jumpsuit – but this one, I’m tossing her into the tracksuit category. It’s so sporty and yet a smidge sexy with that zipper – sporty and sexy is a style I never tried, turns out it is DARN CUTE. Or maybe it’s my doggo making me look cute! HAHA

MY third choice for this feature is this denim dress! I would totally wear this to a BBQ, maybe I won’t play corn hole in it. I will be damn cute by the drink and snack station though. HAH what’s an outfit you like to wear to BBQ’s but you know you’re not playing games in it?

Just kidding, I can’t stop at 3! 🤣 Lets talk about this TWO piece tie dye set! I am in love! I’ve already been wearing the skirt and crop top with different outfits!

Thanks for stopping for a little outfit inspiration! As always, if you have any questions or just want to share your own Fashion to Figure outfit, I’m here! Of course, don’t forget to use FTFLEAH to save a little dough on your purchase! Until next time babes!


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