Hi! I hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your week. Mines been rocky, but that’s okay. I got up early this morning so I could pull myself out of my funk and get a fun makeup look in. I’ve been trying so hard to blog more, I want to, I love writing (even though I’m not the greatest at it), and I love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you. I know I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I haven’t exactly had the headspace to write as often as I’d like. I’m changing that, I have power to make that change, clear space in my head and find the right moment to sit down and let my fingers take over. Right now, that’s this moment at 9:02am, I could feel it this morning. I was ready to type, ready to share. The point of today’s blog is to share some vintage inspired looks from Unique Vintage, you know I love them. But first, I wanted to take a moment to say hey!, I’m here, I’m going to write and share more. While I don’t want to share exact details at this point in time, I will share that I’m in a funk, been a little down, I’ve got good days and bad days, days when I don’t even know what day it is! That’s okay, it’s life, this happen, but I do know this feeling isn’t forever. I’ve got changes to make, headspace to clear and life to live! It’ll all happen, with time. NOW let’s go BACK in time and have a look at a my TOP 5 Unique Vintage pieces.

  1. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1930s Black & White Pin Stripe Thelma Suspender Pants I’ve been loving the suspender pants, which you see me wearing. The pair that I’m wearing is no longer available, but I linked you to the next best. These pin stripe suspender pants, I would totally rock these at the office. The one thing I can say, is that I sized up two sizes in my suspender pants and it clearly shows. MEASURE and look at the numbers before you blindly order things too large.
  2. Unique Vintage Plus Size Dark Blue Denim Cotton Stretch Dixie Romper This denim shorts romper needs to become mine NOW, I’m literally look at the cute belt I would wear with this. It’s purple and pink of course. Now with this item, I would most likely order a size up, just for extra belly room. But like I said, check your measurements.
  3. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Teal Beaded Yvette Fringe Cocktail Dress Honestly, every time I’m on their site I die over the flapper dresses. I LOVE THIS TEAL ONE! I finally found my dress for the ’20s of the 2000’s. HAHA Invite me to your party so I can look cute, drink and giggle. HAHA
  4. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1950s Style Light Pink Antique Novelty Print Alexis Swing Dress I’m here for all the swing dresses! I love a cute novelty print, especially when it’s pink. There are so many though, so if you don’t like pink, don’t stop here! There are SO MANY!
  5. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1950s Turquoise Blue & Pink Strawberry Print Golightly Swing Dress Strawberry print with a cute busty bow? UM, heck yes please! Just need a cute cardi to keep my arms warm at the office and I’d fall right in love with this piece.

Okay, that’s my Top 5 vintage inspired pieces for ya! Let’s be real, these are all items I want my closet, I hope it wasn’t selfish to only share things I like. HAHAH I hope you like them too. If not, keep looking, they literally have something vintage inspired for anyone and everyone.

That is it babes! I hope you enjoyed, until next time!


*disclaimer, yes of course these are affiliate links, we ain’t working for free babes!*

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