Hey loves, happy Monday! Figured I’d start the week off with a little bit (or big bit) of sexy! You know I’m no stranger to lingerie, sex or being sexy. I love being and feeling sexy, I love lingerie which is why I’m super excited to have collaborated with Hips and Curves. I’ve actually been holding out ON SO much cute lingerie from Hips and Curves, they sent so much for me to share with you and so far this is a personal favorite! Below you’ll see me wearing the Satin Floral & Mesh Bralette set.  This set is pure sexiness and is on FIRE! Guess what else? The bralette does not have a wire or any sort of formed cup, I would totally put this on again, that’s a milestone for me! I’m usually all about the wires! I had been dying and waiting for the perfect rainy day to shoot this set, literally waited until it was rainy and daylight. I put this set up, grabbed a cute pink robe and drove down the road. Did these photos right in public, with traffic driving by and no fucks to give! Also, just one little side note: I’ve been struggling with these photos because for the most part I edited out my nipples. Struggling because I feel like I shouldn’t HAVE TO! Enjoy this set, and keep your eyes peeled for more from Hips and Curves!


If you really enjoyed this set and want to purchase it for yourself or a loved one, I have kindly provided the link below. 🙂






One thought on “Make it Rain”
  1. Absolutely love this set on you! I also love that you shot this in public – fearlessly body positive! <3

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