Maple, Vanilla and Coconut Cookies, OH MY!

Hi friends! I hope you’re all safe and well, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve blogged. I actually intended to blog a bit more while at home due to current mandatory social distancing requirements. HOWEVER, two days after being home, I opened up my MacBook and IT WAS BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR. I’m not exactly a fan of blogging from my phone and had primarily been writing posts from the Mac. I got bored of not blogging so here I am!

What’s your quarantine been like? I’ve been shacked up with my boyfriend, I know it’s wild but 97% of the time we’re completely enjoying each others company. So today we decided to bake together! First we were going to make Oatmeal Cream Pies but I forgot to get parchment paper, so we’ll grab that when we do our weekly grocery run. For today we made some yummy MAPLE FROSTED, Vanilla & Coconut Sugar cookies! The cookie recipe called for vanilla with an option to add almond extract. I saw their almond extract and raised them coconut extract!

While they were in the oven wildly decided they’d be even better with a Maple Glaze. I hadn’t ever made one before, so of course I had to do a real quick search. I whipped it right up, it’s super easy. When I say I, do I mean *WE*, my boyfriend happens to be the best kitchen helper. 😍 Anyways, back to that maple glaze, we added extra maple syrup, I’m not sure how much! Lol he poured it in while I whisked away! After about 25 minutes we were snacking on yummy warm cookies!

RECIPE Sources

Cookies: I used this NO CHILL recipe and added 2 teaspoons of coconut extract:

Frosting: for this I added extra maple syrup (no measuring) and a bit of milk to thin out the frosting:

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