Hey babes! As always, I hope you’re doing well and that you’re enjoying your summer so far! It’s been SO HOT! I’ve decided to make it hotter than that – I’ve partnered with Nomi Tang to bring a little spice to your hot summer! Have you heard of Nomi Tang? Nomi Tang is a sex toy brand who was awarded the leading design award in 2010! DESIGN is super important when it comes to finding your perfect fit. 😉 Nomi Tangi sent me their Wild Rabbit 2 and I tell ya, the vibrations are wild. HAHA! Now I’m sure you’re already wondering if I have a discount code for you and the answer is yes! When you’re ready to get your own Wild Rabbit 2, make sure to use LeahUS15 to save 15% (valid through 8/8/20)!

The Wild Rabbit 2 is waterproof up to about 3 feet ( or one meter), BRING IT TO THE TUB! Waterproof is definitely a needed feature for me, I also prefer for my toys to be quiet but powerful. The Wild Rabbit 2 suits those needs and more. The Wild Rabbit 2 has a feature I haven’t seen before and it’s the most convenient. Usually there are buttons to adjust the intensity, the rabbit actually has a little slider near the power button. It’s sensitive to the touch, you literally just run your finger up or down and it adjusts the intensity for you! Now I’m sure you’re wondering if there are settings to control vibrations & pulsations. Yes, of course there are! There are actually TEN vibration & pulse settings, so you can be sure to find the perfect setting for your mood. That’s right, you’ll find these settings can satisfy your different moods & wants. I’m sure you can see how smooth and soft it is ( we sure wouldn’t want any rough toys in the bedroom lol ), but what you can’t see, is that it is also bendable! That’s right, it bends to accommodate your play positions, use this to your advantage ladies! I also want to point out one final feature, the Wild Rabbit 2 can run for about 50 minutes, so if you’ve got in ya, run that baby dead. HAHAHAH! Of course, I’m sure you know this but I have to make sure. What sort of sex positive person would I be without this reminder. Make sure you WASH your toys when you receive them, after you use them / before you use them. Once it’s clean and ready, you can get to work.

Toys are perfect for spending time alone to connect with your body on a level most women are ashamed to even talk about. Female masturbation has been frowned upon, women feel ashamed to admit that they take pleasure in it and that they do it, and are oftentimes afraid to say they may be interested in a toy. Which is why it’s super important to speak out on topics such as this. I personally have no problem speaking about it (most of the time lol – I have my days) but I certainly never have a problem doing it. It’s important to find your spots, wants & needs and it’s totally normal to do that on your OWN! It’s also just as normal to bring toys into picture – single or not. Yep, I said it. Single.Or.Not. I totally brought my Wild Rabbit 2 into the bedroom with my boyfriend. What’s important is to first let them get comfortable with handling it, then let them know what your preferences are and how to handle it and YOU! My personal favorite is handling the rabbit while he’s doing his thing, trust me, you’ll absolutely love it. And they’ll love that you love it.

If you’re on the market for a sexy toy or to bring a little extra spice to the bedroom, try the Nomi Tang Wild Rabbit 2! Make sure to use my special code LeahUS15 to get 15% off your purchase (valid through 8/8/20). Get wild, get it wet and have a good time!



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