Lace and Stripes from Xehar!

Hey loves! Xehar sent me another surprise package! I was beyond excited to open the package and check out the goodies they had sent. Okay, super excited, let's be honest, I want to go to one of their press releases! They look SO FUN! I mean did you see how fun fabulous @Jamie_jetaime looked?? She and... Continue Reading →


Leah’s Beach Body Get Down

My biggest breakthrough during my body positive journey has been discovering my beach body. I know this really isn't a surprise for most of you! I motivate, empower and inspire many of you to also reach out and discover your own beach bodies. This is why when I hit my year mark blogging I decided... Continue Reading →

Leah’s Candy Mail! 

Hey guys! I recently did a candy swap with a friend on Instagram, @alonet0gether! Follow the link below to watch me unbox it! It's basically the box of amazingness!  Candy Mail! Xoxo 💖Leah 

A Year That Felt Like a Day!

  A year, I truly can’t believe it! A year ago, I woke up one morning and decided I could be a fat fashionista on the gram. I had seen a couple fashionista accounts about a week before, and I just thought wow, that really could be me. Now it is! This year I have... Continue Reading →

Just call me Mrs. Romperson

A romper! Who would have thought that I would get into a romper!? Not me, then I saw all these babes on the gram, rocking the heck out of rompers! Or romping the heck out of rompers? Hahah so DOVE IN! I got this super cute romper from Forver 21+ for less that $5! Yup,... Continue Reading →

A Besties Mini Mainecation!

My best friend @nikki_stylee and I randomly decided we were taking a mini weekend trip to Maine! We started left early Saturday Morning on May 29th, and hit the Mall of New Hampshire.  I love shopping out of state, I can actually FIND THINGS TO WEAR! It was the best ever! I've been to that... Continue Reading →

Skinny Jeans and a Fat Babe! 

For the longest time I literally thought I was too fat to wear skinny jeans! I had even purchased a pair, got them home and decided I was too fat. I held onto them for years! It wasn't until this last fall that I decided they'd look great on me! Thank you body positivity!! This... Continue Reading →

Pinkilicious Bargin Buy! 

I love, LOVE , LOOOVEEE bargin buys! What do I love more? Bargin buys at Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant tends to be a bit pricy most of the time, usually I only shop there if there is a sale going or if I've got coupons! I found this adorable pink skirt on the clearance rack... Continue Reading →

Raw Beauty vs Boudior 

A couple of months ago, I posed for a boudoir photo shoot.  It was amazing - the photos were nearly flawless and I felt liberated while doing it. I wore a couple different cute lingerie pieces.  I was 100% comfortable, I chatted up a storm the entire time and I was confident my photos were... Continue Reading →

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