A Besties Mini Mainecation!

My best friend @nikki_stylee and I randomly decided we were taking a mini weekend trip to Maine! We started left early Saturday Morning on May 29th, and hit the Mall of New Hampshire.  I love shopping out of state, I can actually FIND THINGS TO WEAR! It was the best ever! I've been to that... Continue Reading →

Skinny Jeans and a Fat Babe! 

For the longest time I literally thought I was too fat to wear skinny jeans! I had even purchased a pair, got them home and decided I was too fat. I held onto them for years! It wasn't until this last fall that I decided they'd look great on me! Thank you body positivity!! This... Continue Reading →

Pinkilicious Bargin Buy! 

I love, LOVE , LOOOVEEE bargin buys! What do I love more? Bargin buys at Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant tends to be a bit pricy most of the time, usually I only shop there if there is a sale going or if I've got coupons! I found this adorable pink skirt on the clearance rack... Continue Reading →

Raw Beauty vs Boudior 

A couple of months ago, I posed for a boudoir photo shoot.  It was amazing - the photos were nearly flawless and I felt liberated while doing it. I wore a couple different cute lingerie pieces.  I was 100% comfortable, I chatted up a storm the entire time and I was confident my photos were... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink! 

I was lucky enough to have been selected to be part of the Swak Designs affilliate program! What does this mean?! It means I'll occasionally be getting adorable outfits to share with you! What else does that mean?! It means YOU can get 30% of your order at ANYTIME (heck yessss) by using "lloveswak30" at... Continue Reading →

In a World of Apples be a Pineapple

Piney and Co. sent me an amazingly comfortable pair of pants,  they gave me a choice so I obviously opted for the pineapple print.  I just love pineapples, only fresh pineapples, not the crap at the grocery store. I've even gone to the extent of ordering fresh pineapples from Maui to fulfill my need. Call... Continue Reading →

Torrid Swim Suit Preview! 👙

Hey babes!  As you know last year was the year of bikinis for me! I'm already getting stoked for my bikinis of 2017, so excited that I've technically already bought two! However, recently a friend and I did a trip to the Torrid at the Mall of New Hampshire. Such a freaking fabulous trip! Literally... Continue Reading →


Mac duggal  Getting to be part of the Mac Duggal #thisiswhyimfabulous model search was amazing. My entire life I've always wanted to go to NYC, I've never really had a reason or an opportunity to go. Until I was a semi-finalist in the Mac Duggal Model search. It isn't just a model search, it's the... Continue Reading →

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