DIY POM POM Sandals, Unicorns and Rainbows!

Hey babetowns! While in NYC I tried on the CUTEST dress from @plusbklyn, it's actually a @retrolicious dress. I've also recently become obsessed with Retrolicious, I went from having nothing from them to have 3 CUTE AF pieces. Can't wait to share them with you! For now, you get this fun unicorn dress, pair with... Continue Reading →


Weekend of Sheer Fun!

Who wears black? What's your favorite color I wear? I wear alll the colors and occasionally I wear black. Black is weird for me, I'm not sure how to style it. If I wear it two days in row I fee dark and well weird. Generally I avoid black, which is funny because most people... Continue Reading →

July Dia & Co 

Hey guys! I know it's been FOREVER since I've unboxed a Dia&Co box! I 100% missed this clothing subscription box, but I made decisions earlier this year and need to prioritize. When I decided on a whim quit my accounting job with the school, was also when I decided to pause my Dia box. I... Continue Reading →

Pink, it was love at first sight!

Swak Designs sent me another cute #swakambassador outfit. This outfit is outrageously cute and I could wear it everyday. Seriously, I could wear each of these items so many different ways, with so many other things! The Denise chiffon skirt (coral stripe) runs small, so I ordered 2 sizes up and it's too big. I... Continue Reading →

July Ipsy Bag!

Hey babes! Just a quick note, I did get my July Ipsy bag!! I'm getting back into YouTube as so many of you said you missed my videos. 🙂 Below you'll find the link to my latest YouTube video! Make sure you subscribe while you're there! XOXO Leah   Leah's July Ipsy

Lace and Stripes from Xehar!

Hey loves! Xehar sent me another surprise package! I was beyond excited to open the package and check out the goodies they had sent. Okay, super excited, let's be honest, I want to go to one of their press releases! They look SO FUN! I mean did you see how fun fabulous @Jamie_jetaime looked?? She and... Continue Reading →

Leah’s Beach Body Get Down

My biggest breakthrough during my body positive journey has been discovering my beach body. I know this really isn't a surprise for most of you! I motivate, empower and inspire many of you to also reach out and discover your own beach bodies. This is why when I hit my year mark blogging I decided... Continue Reading →

Leah’s Candy Mail! 

Hey guys! I recently did a candy swap with a friend on Instagram, @alonet0gether! Follow the link below to watch me unbox it! It's basically the box of amazingness!  Candy Mail! Xoxo 💖Leah 

A Year That Felt Like a Day!

  A year, I truly can’t believe it! A year ago, I woke up one morning and decided I could be a fat fashionista on the gram. I had seen a couple fashionista accounts about a week before, and I just thought wow, that really could be me. Now it is! This year I have... Continue Reading →

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