Hi Babes! I hope you’re in the full swing of Fall and all that comes with it! I’ve been apple picking, made apple crisp and I even went to a pumpkin Farm. That’s right, I’m a Vermonter and I haven’t been to a pumpkin farm before. Yes, of course I’ve grabbed them from farm stands before, I once took photos in a pumpkin patch but i’ve never had the full pumpkin farm experience.

We stopped by Ellms Farm for a lil pumpkin lovin’ time! There were soo many pumpkins and even a PUMPKIN house! Yes, I had already seen their pumpkin house on IG and was planning to go for weeks. HAHAH We also enjoyed a little bit of cider and a couple of bakery items! They’ve got pumpkins and more, if you’re local, you have to go.

Anyways, I of course planned the perfect pumpkin outfit for the perfect pumpkin picking experience. I had to have these pumpkin pants from Unique Vintage – check them out here. I bet you’d love them just as much. I sized up, I knew I shouldn’t have, these are true to size – order your actual size ladies. Otherwise, you’ll be walking around the pumpkin farm with one hand holding your pants up and a big heavy pumpkin in the other. It’s really the perfect recipe for a pumpkin disaster – we both survived though. These pants pair perfectly with the orange and black striped top. This top has a bit of fun of its own, it’s flowy and loves to move! I know it’s been driven into our heads to not pattern mix but let me tell ya, this is a different kind of pattern mixing. It’s the pattern mixing you want! You can view the top here.

As always, if I inspire you to try a new outfit, SHOW ME! I want to share your beautiful faces and your adorable outfits. Tag me on IG babes, I’m here for it.

Until next time babes! Don’t worry, that’ll be soon. I’ve got another Unique Vintage outfit for you coming soon.

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