Sunnier days are approaching and all I want to do is go on a cute picnic! This is the most adorable picnic date outfit I’ve ever seen! It’s cute, classy, and so much fun.

This skirt is flowly, fits well at the waist with a cute tie side bow. I know what you’re thinking, but NO, I will not be taking my skirt off to use as the picnic blanket / table cloth. HAHA It’s really hard to look at this skirt and not think TABLE CLOTH or PICNIC! I’m rolling with picnic. Unless we’re having a sexy picnic the skirt will not suffice as the blanket but it sure does seem like we should be serving up a nice spread on it.  That’s enough, sometimes I get a little too wild.

This top is a cute off the shoulder, really comfortable, and stayed in place, which as you know is hard to find with an off the shoulder.  I also love it paired with this statement necklace, just adds a little class for a fancy picnic date. Also, just realizing that I personally would most likely (97% sure) ruin this shirt during a picnic. I mean, it’ll soak up any spilled wine, dropped mayonnaise, chip crumb. Really, this would be an issue anywhere, I struggle with white so horribly.


The only thing I would change here is the purse, while this Xehar purse is perfectly cute, it’s not first picnic purse choice. Other than that, right down to those cute heels, this is the perfect picnic outfit!


Outfit Links (and make sure to use LEAH15 for a discount!):

The exact necklace I have on is no longer available, below are some other necklace options for you!

If you’ve enjoyed my look in this outfit, then I bet you’ll also enjoy my dear friend SarahJane’s look as well! Go ahead and feast your picnic ready eyes upon this babe, then come scoop us up for an adventure!

SarahJane’s Blog: Serving Up Looks, Picnic Style


One thought on “Picnic Dreams”
  1. Really wish we were twinning and picnicking together! Thank you so much for the shoutout, baby doll! <3

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